What are the functions and benefits of street lights


Street lights mainly serve as illumination

Streetlights are necessary lighting devices used on highways or in residential areas of cities to provide illumination for pedestrians and vehicles driving at night. They must be matched with bright lights to meet reasonable use. However, the light source needs to be illuminated and must have a long lifespan for long-term use to meet people’s needs.

Street lights should pay attention to glare

Street lights should use light energy reasonably to avoid glare. The light emitted should be reflected at the requested angle and fall onto the road surface in a specified shape. The light should be evenly distributed, with high road brightness and low glare. To reduce glare, light distribution control can be applied above the maximum light intensity. According to the road section, width, vehicle and pedestrian conditions, road lights can be symmetrically arranged on both sides of the road, interwoven on both sides, arranged on one side, and suspended in the center of the road. Generally speaking, roads with a width exceeding 20 meters and welcoming roads can be considered to be symmetrically arranged on both sides; For roads with a width exceeding 15 meters, consideration can be given to interweaving arrangements on both sides; Narrow roads can be arranged on one side. Now, it also has the requirements of energy conservation, low-carbon and environmental protection, which is the main direction of future development.

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