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Using large lighting fixtures can reduce the number of floodlights, but in most cases, from the perspective of uniformity requirements, it is impossible to achieve sufficient uniformity of light irradiation, and it is definitely impossible to achieve uniformity requirements when using narrow beams. For this reason, it is best to use multiple lighting combinations and use lamps with appropriate power.

For sports stadiums, currently more 2000W metal halide lamps are used. Large sports stadiums use narrow beam and ultra narrow beam lamps, and are equipped with an appropriate amount of medium beam lamps. The total number of dedicated football field lamps generally does not exceed 300 sets to meet the requirements of the World Cup football tournament. The lighting fixtures for comprehensive sports venues will be over 400 sets. There are also a few sports stadiums that use 1500W and 1800W metal halide lamps, so the number of lamps will be higher. Large scale sports events, such as the Olympics, sometimes use temporary lighting systems. As shown in Figure 3, the temporary lighting system of the Panathinaiko Stadium at the 2004 Athens Olympics was used as the venue for the modern Olympics, which was the first Summer Olympics in 1896, and was the birthplace of the modern Olympics. During the Olympics, the temporary lighting source will be 6000W metal halide lamps. As it is a temporary use, this plan is acceptable and the number of lamps will be greatly reduced.

LED lights are gradually being applied in sports field lighting and have a rapid trend of popularization. The number and power of lighting fixtures will be greatly reduced. Due to technical and cost constraints, it is currently mostly used in lower level sports venues. Figure 4 shows the outdoor field of Shantou University, with lighting provided by Musco. The small football field adopts 8 sets of 96W LED lights, with a lamp post height of 15m and an average illumination of 100lx; The outdoor volleyball court also uses 8 sets of 96W LED lights, with a pole height of 15m and an average illumination of 140lx; The outdoor single piece basketball court adopts four sets of 96W LED lights, with a lamp post height of 12m and an average illumination of over 100lx; The tennis court has a lamp post height of 15m, and a single piece of court uses 16 sets of 96W LED lights, with an average illumination of up to 500lx; The other tennis court consists of two courts, equipped with 24 sets of 96W LED lights and a 15 meter high pole, with an average illumination of over 400lx. Figure 5 shows the National Security Football Practice Field of Beijing Workers Stadium, which is a standard 11 person field. A total of 96 sets of 180W LED lights are used, with 6 lamp posts on both sides and 16 lights installed on each pole. The total installed power is 17.28kW, and the lighting fixtures are provided by Beijing Xinneng Sunshine Company.


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