The advantages of high pole street lights

High-pole lamps are usually relatively high light source power, so the use of high-pole lamps is very power-consuming, and the long-term investment cost is very high. How to save power to reduce energy consumption is a problem that manufacturers of high pole lamps must study for a long time. Therefore, the entire industry in recent years, how to improve the energy-saving effect, while ensuring light efficiency is committed to cutting most of the cost of electricity.

In the design stage to adapt to local conditions, fully consider the local actual situation, to achieve the number of light sources and wattage selection of the usability of the price ratio, to ensure that the number of high pole lights in the premise of ensuring lighting requirements to minimize wattage, investment costs, reduce additional maintenance costs. Because we all know that the repair of outdoor high-pole lights is very troublesome, so there is no crane can not carry out high-pole light repair work. The high pole light can be spread as far as possible without a circle on the pole. The shape of the old lamp is very complex, the cost is naturally high, but the style of the current lamp is simple and convenient.

The lighting method of the high-pole lamp can also be exchanged, for example, the 400W or 1000W light source used in the past can be replaced with a led light source of 150W, which can greatly reduce the power while meeting the brightness, and can save the cost of using the high-pole lamp.