The basic conditions for the professionalization of football stadium lighting

Football has the reputation of “the world’s number one sport” and attracts the attention of a large number of fans. For the sport of football, professional football field lighting is indispensable.


Stadium lighting control level requirements:

High-definition color TV broadcast (HDTV), domestic competitions, professional practice, amateur competitions, large-scale gatherings and venue maintenance, etc.



Football field lighting must meet the following requirements in different aspects

Meet the visual requirements of athletes and referees, while minimizing the adverse effects of lighting on the competition; meet the visual requirements of spectators, and minimize the discomfort caused by lighting when watching the competition; meet the lighting requirements of photography and video, as far as possible May improve image quality.


Football field lighting selection

Choose small-sized, light-weight, high-efficiency, narrow-beam-angle light distribution lamps. The types of lamps are as consistent as possible. This can reduce the number of lamps and minimize the illuminance projected to the large screen position, which is convenient for installation, commissioning, maintenance and management. Reduce the load of the horse track and steel beam to the limit.


Post time: Jul-14-2021
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