The Basic Needs Of Sports Field Lighting

In order to ensure sufficient illumination in the football stadium, the football stadium designer must analyze the following factors:

Sports Field Lighting-Lighting Distribution:

the football field lighting is scattered, mainly divided into the watching area and the competition area. However, in view of the athlete’s range of motion is not only a flat ground, vertical lighting also has a greater impact on athletes. Because while reasonably controlling the light illuminance, it is also necessary to reasonably plan the light distribution position to ensure the lighting needs of the auditorium on the premise of ensuring the athletes’ competition.

sports field lighting

Sports Field Lighting-Light Source Characteristics: 

The degree of light source rendering the color of the object is called color rendering, that is, the degree of vividness of the color. The light source with high color rendering can reproduce the color better, and the color we see is closer The original color of the object, the light source with low color rendering is poor in color reproduction, and the color deviation we see is also large. The light source in the stadium should ensure better color rendering, allowing athletes to have more accurate judgments.

Sports Field Lighting-Lighting Selection

In view of the professionalism and particularity of sports, the selection of sports field lighting should be more cautious. In the field of sports field lighting, “HISHINE Group Limited” is now the first in the industry. As a supplier of LED sports lighting system solutions, HISHINE Group Limited’s sports field lighting is unique!

The main features of HISHINE Group Limited sports field lighting are high anti-glare and high luminous efficiency, and these two factors are just in line with the related needs of sports field lighting!

sports field lighting

Sports Field Lighting-Glare

Glare refers to the visual conditions in view of unsuitable brightness distribution or extreme brightness contrast in space or time, which causes visual discomfort and reduces the visibility of objects. There is a sense of light in the field of vision that the human eye cannot adapt to, which will have a great impact on athletes, especially in ball sports, where athletes cannot accurately determine the ball’s drop point.

In order to ensure uniform illumination from all angles and avoid indoor glare, the elevation angle from the lowest point of the sports field to the luminaire must be greater than 45°. However, in view of the high and scattered positions of the light sources in today’s sports fields, in order to avoid distracting athletes or The audience causes direct sunlight, and today’s sports field lighting design schemes will use computers to calculate the light projection point to ensure the uniformity and reasonable distribution of light. The indoor glare is also due to different floor materials, so you can also install grilles or baffles for the lamps to reduce glare.

sports field lighting

Sports Field Lighting-Illuminance

Reasonable illuminance can not only ensure the normal performance of the athletes and the accurate judgment of the referees, but also ensure that the audience on the scene and in front of the TV can watch the competition comfortably. Different sports also require different illuminance. The illuminance required for sports events and commercial activities is also different.

Sports Field Lighting-Uniformity Of Lighting

The ratio of the minimum illuminance value to the maximum illuminance value is the uniformity of illuminance. Whether it is an indoor stadium or an open-air stadium, the lighting requirements are very high. Taking basketball competition venues as an example, more lights are often gathered in the middle field, but areas with too much light often produce glare, and the backboard area often The brightness of the light will be weak, ensuring the uniformity of the lighting of the overall venue, which plays a vital role in the level of athletes.

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