The definition of tower crane lights, the cause of damage, specifications, models, installation height, wiring requirements

First, what is the tower crane special light?
Tower crane light is used in construction sites, ports and other large construction lighting sites, can be a large area and long time irradiation of a lamp.

The definition of tower crane lights, the cause of damage, specifications, models, installation height, wiring requirements插图
H6 from hishine light

The tower crane is an important part of the construction, and the various types of tower cranes are hung high in each site. At the beginning of the 1990s, dysprosium lamps were basically used for 3.5KW, because dysprosium lamps consume large amounts of power and are vulnerable, and subsequently came out of the “building star” alternative lamps gold halide lamps.

However, the on-site construction found that it was still not stable enough, the brightness was still not ideal, and the power consumption was still more than 2,000 watts. nearly
Second, why do the tower crane lights often break?
The reason why the tower crane led lights are always burning is that the chip quality is unstable. The chip determines the service life of the LED light, and once the chip has a problem, it will cause the LED light to always burn out. When buying LED lights, it is best to choose a larger chip, which can improve its heat resistance, reduce the heat dissipation conditions, and the longer the service life.

3. Specifications and models of tower crane lights?
The brands may be different, but they don’t vary much. For example, the main specifications of Deton’s fin tower crane lights are: 400W, 600W, 800W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W. There are also three specifications of the side fin mining lamp: 100W, 150W, 200W.
4. The free height of the tower crane does not exceed much
The free height of the tower crane shall not exceed 30m, but if the tower crane is attached to a wall, the height shall not exceed 19m ~ 21m, and the distance from the wall shall not exceed 20m ~ 25m. After the tower crane reaches a certain height, the two cables in the four corners of the cable will fail, and after the failure, the two angles can only be connected to the wall segment and the tower by the Angle steel.

Five, why should the crane light up at night
According to safety and due regulations, lighting is the most basic measure to maintain construction and traffic safety. In the night or bad weather conditions, the presence of crane lights can be a good reminder of other vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention to safety, to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents.

Six, 2000 watt led tower crane light with how much line
2 kW lamp with 1.5 square or 2.5 square copper core wire. According to the maximum power of 2 kilowatts to calculate, the use of 220V power supply, the current is about 8-9A, can use 1.5 square copper wire, if the line is relatively long, it is recommended to use 2.5 square copper wire.