The purpose of solar street lights

Solar energy is inexhaustible, and the solar radiation received by the Earth’s surface can meet 10000 times the global energy demand. As long as solar photovoltaic systems are installed in 4% of the world’s deserts, the electricity generated can meet global needs. Solar power generation is safe and reliable, and will not be affected by energy crises or unstable fuel markets.

Solar energy is everywhere and can be supplied locally without the need for long-distance transmission, avoiding the loss of long-distance transmission lines.

Solar energy does not require fuel and has low operating costs.

Solar power generation has no moving parts, is not easy to use or damage, and is easy to maintain, making it particularly suitable for use in unmanned situations.

Solar power generation does not produce any waste, has no pollution, noise or other public h

The construction period of solar power generation system is short, convenient and flexible, and itazards, and has five adverse effects on the environment. It is an ideal clean energy source. can provide load increase or decrease. The capacity of solar energy can be added or reduced arbitrarily to avoid waste.

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