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2020 Best Light Option for Outdoor LED Lighting


The lighting fixtures give people light in the dark and extend the time people spend at night. Everyone knows that the lighting fixtures used are different in different environments. Indoors, in order to protect people’s eyes, most of the lighting fixtures will use lamps with average brightness and mild colors, but it is different outdoors. Outdoor lighting needs to meet the needs of outdoor visual work and achieve decorative effects.


The application of outdoor led lights

All lights used outdoor are called outdoor lights. LED is made There are many kinds of led lights according to its usage, such as garden, park, stadium, road, square, and so on. Compared with indoor lighting, outdoor lighting has the characteristics of high power, strong brightness, large volume, long service life, and low maintenance cost.


The Types of outdoor led lights

The led chip adopts packaging technology, so outdoor lamps can be given various shapes and wattages. Outdoor led lights can be divided into a variety of types according to its applications. Where there are often people outdoors, there are fixed installation areas of lamps and lanterns. The versatility of the application leads to the style, design, and function of the area lighting system. Outdoor industrial led lights can be divided as below:


1.Sports field light

2020 Best Light Option for Outdoor LED Lighting 


Sports field lights are mainly used for large-area lighting and long-distance lighting, the main application is a variety of sports fields and airports. The sports lighting system is installed at a height of not less than 20 meters (65 feet). The high mast lamp can provide uniform vertical illumination, the field of view can be extended to the maximum range, and repeated lighting is minimized. In the sports field, if the lighting is too bright, it will affect people’s sight. If it is less, it will be unclear. It must consider the area of the sports field, the number and height of the poles of the high-pole lights, and the brightness requirements of the venue. Challenges of various factors, such as light-blocking, light distribution, visual comfort, and TV broadcasting.


2.Road led light

2020 Best Light Option for Outdoor LED Lighting 


The road led light or street light adheres to a design concept that perfectly combines form and function to integrate art, sculpture, and lighting. Road lighting projects not only play an important role in ensuring traffic safety and maintaining social order but also beautify and brighten the city and decorate the city’s night environment. From the big point of view, every city has its own style, especially the lighting of squares and main and minor roads. From a small perspective, each street and building has its own unique style. Therefore, while giving full play to the role of the urban lighting environment, it is particularly important to highlight the role of decorating the environment and achieve the harmonious unity of functionality and decoration.

3.Area lights

2020 Best Light Option for Outdoor LED Lighting 


Area lights or parking lot light will be installed with a series of symmetric and asymmetric distributions. It has become the main solution for outdoor lighting applications requiring installation heights of 8 to 15 meters (26 to 50 feet). LED lighting used for area lighting and parking lot lighting is usually installed on light poles using sliding clamps and mounting brackets. Nowadays, lamps of this series tend to combine form and function to create fashionable aesthetic effects and blend perfectly in a modern environment.

4.Wall pack led flood lights

2020 Best Light Option for Outdoor LED Lighting 


Wall-mounted floodlights do not need to be symmetrically distributed and have different shapes, which complement the building. Wall Pack led floodlights have been used in residential and commercial areas, such as parking lots, exits, loading yards, entrances, terraces, or any areas that need lighting to improve visibility and safety at night.


How to find outdoor lighting suitable for your need?

For outdoor lighting, the things that we consider are much more than indoor lighting, because the external environment has too much influence on LED lamps, so we must consider all aspects. Whether you are looking for lamps for street lighting projects or parking lots, or for large stadiums, some details need to be clear.


LED lights are suitable for outdoor lighting or not?

If we want to know whether high-power LED lights are suitable for outdoor use, the most important point is to see whether these led fixtures are very waterproof. Outdoor lights are highly functional when they are manufactured, and they can achieve good waterproof effects even when used on rainy days. Therefore, LED lights are very suitable for outdoor use. LED lights can save up to 90% of energy, and the light emitted is more transparent and uniform. The consumption rate of LED lamps is much lower than that of traditional lamps and does not require frequent replacement, which can better save time and money for you and your customers.


How many lumens does outdoor lights need?

Lumen is an important measurement index of lighting equipment. The higher the lumens, the brighter the lamp? If other factors are the same, this conclusion is correct. But lumen is not the only determinant of brightness. The brightness will also be affected by factors such as the area of the site and the angle of illumination. And the “brightness” we usually perceive should be called “illuminance” to be precise, and its unit is represented by “lux”. First of all, you need to know the illuminance you need and the size of the venue to be illuminated. From this, we know how many lumens the entire venue needs. The next step is to confirm the number of led lighting that needs to be installed. Based on the number of led lighting fixtures, you can know exactly how many lumens you need to look for. For example, the area of a tennis court is 100 square meters, and the required illuminance is 300lux and you need to use 10pcs led lights, so the total lumens required is 30,000 lumens, and the lumen of each light will be 3,000 lumens.


How long does LED outdoor light use sustainably?

The service life of LED lamps can reach 60,000 to 100,000 hours, which is more than 10 times longer than that of traditional light sources. The reason why the LED is durable is that it does not cause the problem of filament fusing. The LED will not stop operating directly, but it will gradually degrade over time. Forecasts indicate that high-quality LEDs can maintain more than 60% of the initial light brightness after 50,000 hours of continuous operation. Assuming that the LED has reached its rated lifespan, it may actually still emit light, but the light is very weak.

For some low-power LEDs, it can reach more than 100,000 hours; but for high-power LEDs, the service life is far less than 100,000 hours, can reach 50,000 to 80,000 hours.


Featured outdoor led lighting

With the following knowledge, you know what kinds of led light you should take. But are there any special outdoor lamps worth recommending? Of course, we have some private mold led light used for outdoor. Here is a summary of some noteworthy products for your reference.


1.Hi-Shoot HS-HM600-B LED Stadium light

Hi-Shoot HS-HM-600-B LED Stadium light 


Hi-Shoot HS-HM600-B LED Stadium light continue to improve product performance and energy-saving and environmental protection standards with their high-quality appearance design and superheat dissipation performance. Facing the future market, it dares to adopt high-tech SMD7070 led chips and a unique and innovative cooling system. Whether considering energy-saving, wind resistance or considering the use of television broadcasting, it is the first choice for your stadium.


2.Hi-Robot HS-HM120W~1300W-A LED High mast lights

Hi-Robot HS-HM-120W~1300W-A LED High mast lights 


Hi-Robot HS-HM120W~1300W-A LED High mast lights are designed to provide high-lumens non-glare lighting for various sports fields and television delay broadcasts so that viewers and athletes can obtain the ultimate visual enjoyment. Since the product was put on the market, it has won praise from European and American customers. The unique hollow design breaks the traditional bulb design and improves heat dissipation, earthquake resistance, and wind resistance of the product. The modular design provides multiple possibilities for future use. You can choose from a variety of power levels, and you can directly replace the HID lamp without changing the pole structure.


3.Hi-Slim HS-SL45W~300W-B series street light

Hi-Slim HS-SL-45W~300W-B series street light 


Hi-Slim HS-SL45W~300W-B street light of Hishine is an excellent choice for all walks, small roads, highways, and highways. The clean lines of contemporary design to provide smooth mobility, opening the possibility of design and technology integration. System engineering methods and integrated design concepts perfectly present the combination of form and function. Pedestrian-scale street light provides excellent light-control technology and ensures the maximum ability of pole distance, visual comfort, and uniformity.


4.Hi-Small HS-ST30W~100W C series solar street led light

Hi-Small HS-ST30W~100W C series solar street led light 


Hi-Small HS-ST30W~100W C series solar street led light is a supplement to the lighting market that utilizes environmentally friendly solar energy resources. It is an important part of making a smart CCTV city and it is made with a Night sensor, PIR motion sensor, remote control, and camera monitoring. Flexible adjustable angle solar panels can make full use of solar energy.


5.Hi-Sun HS-PL200W-C series area shoebox led light 

Hi-Sun HS-PL200W-C series area shoebox led light  


Hi-Sun HS-PL200W-C series area shoebox led light is designed and developed in full consideration of heat dissipation, installation, energy-saving, and other issues. The high-lumen SMD5050 lamp beads give this lamp an energy-saving effect of up to 40%. Aimed at highly civilized and free European and American countries, the unique anti-bird and leaves design allows it to better integrate into contemporary society.


6.Hi-Sun HS-PL100W-C Wall pack flood lights 

Hi-Sun HS-PL100W-C Wall pack flood lights  


When the outdoor led light used for wall pack floodlight, its wattage needed is not large. It’s highly waterproof and heat dissipation provide a variety of possibilities. Wall pack light 100W is suitable for garage entrance and exit, small warehouse entrance, outdoor billboard lighting, and hotel exterior wall.


7.Hi-Talent HS-PL100W~300W-B series area lights

Hi-Talent HS-PL100W~300W-B series area lights 


B series shoebox/area lights of Hishine surpass the old-fashioned LED shoebox lights in terms of architectural aesthetics, optical control, lighting performance, and life span. This series of products provides lighting designers and architects with highly adaptable regional lighting solutions with strictly controlled light distribution. It is recommended for parking lots, city squares, tennis courts, basketball courts, and other outdoor applications that require very low illuminance levels.



The above article is the introduction of outdoor led lighting. With these special outdoor led lights, hope you can find a led lighting suitable for your need. If want to know more details or think it isn’t enough for your need, you can contact our sales engineer directly on our website. Warm and professional sales engineers are always at your service.

Post time: Nov-02-2020
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