Tips for the tennis court lighting schemes

The outstanding feature of tennis is that the ball is fast, 100+km/h is the norm, if the tennis court lighting effect is not up to standard, it will seriously affect the players’ play! lighting for the tennis court lighting indicators (illuminance, uniformity, light source utilization, etc.) has a direct impact, Hishine led lighting sports lighting will start from the following conventional layout.

Tips for the tennis court lighting schemes插图
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1. Tennis court lighting lighting Method 1: Top arrangement (Full star)

The luminaire is arranged above the site, and the light beam is perpendicular to the site plane. The top arrangement should choose symmetrical light distribution lamps, suitable for low space, the level of the ground uniformity requirements are high, and there is no TV broadcast requirements of the tennis court, the lamps should be selected with anti-glare function of the China Beidustar sports lighting lamps is appropriate.

Hishine led lighting statistics found that tennis is usually more outdoor courts, for the top arrangement is used less.

  1. Tennis court lighting lighting method 2: layout on both sides

The arrangement mode on both sides of the tennis court is that the lamps are arranged on both sides of the court, and the beam is not perpendicular to the plane of the court. Asymmetrical light distribution lamps should be selected on both sides of the light distribution lamps, arranged on the horse track, suitable for the stadium with high vertical illumination requirements and TV transmission requirements, and the glare can be reduced by Angle control. When lighting is deployed on both sides, the aiming Angle of the lamp should not be greater than 65 degrees.

PS: Outdoor tennis court is more suitable for choosing two sides of the arrangement.

3, tennis court lighting lighting lighting method three: mixed layout

The mixed layout of the tennis court is the combination of the top arrangement and the two sides arrangement: the mixed layout should choose a variety of light distribution mode lamps, suitable for large tennis courts. The arrangement of the lamp can be seen in the top arrangement and the two sides arrangement. The lamp should have the characteristics of instantaneous opening, accurate light distribution, anti-glare device, etc. Hishine led lighting can just meet such requirements!