Two ways of lighting the stadium

The purpose of reasonable lighting in the stadium lighting design is to make more effective use of the limited light source and its luminous flux, and save energy consumption while meeting the illuminance demand. Of course, in the selection stage of lamps, we should pay attention to the correct selection of floodlights with reasonable beam angles according to the projection distance.

1, lighting mode one: four tower lighting

1) The key point of this way of lighting is the location choice of the four corner lighthouse. Usually, we will choose the lighthouse in the middle of the goal line at a 15° Angle of the ground line, the half of the center line and the side line at a 5° Angle after the intersection of the two lines. It is also desirable to place the lighthouse on the diagonal of the site and then install the floodlights on the four towers.
It should be noted that this way of lighting is more suitable for use in sports fields without sheds, and the lighting utilization rate is not high. Another is that the maintenance inspection of the lamp in the later period is a problem.

2) The height of the lighthouse should make the lowest row of floodlights to the center of the site and the horizontal ground Angle of 20° ~ 30°, beyond this range, not only greatly improve the cost of the lighthouse, but also reduce the proportion of vertical illuminance and horizontal illuminance, affecting the three-dimensional shape of the object and reduce the speed of recognizing moving objects.

It should be noted that the vertical height of the lowest row of lighthouse floodlights to the horizontal plane of the site can be determined by the following formula:

H≥L×tan25° or H≥0.4663L

Where: H represents the vertical height m from the lowest row of floodlights of the lighthouse to the horizontal plane of the site; L represents the horizontal distance m from the center point of the site to the lighthouse.

The relation between L and H in the above formula can also be determined by the following ratio: When the Angle with the horizontal plane of the site is 25°, LH=2.1451; When the Angle between the site and the horizontal plane is 20°, LH=2.7471
3) The top of the lighthouse should be equipped with lightning protection grounding facilities, grounding resistance is not more than 10Ω. The top of the lighthouse should be set up with red height indicator lights, and not less than 2. Terminal box installation, cable laying and wire liquor are provided by the lighthouse factory.

4) The location of the lighthouse and the lowest row of floodlight projection Angle and height on the tower should meet the following requirements: α>5°, β>15°, 20°<γ<30°, 45°<θ<70°

2, hybrid cloth lamp

1) The lamp belt type and the lamp tower type are organically combined together the lighting method. General large comprehensive stadium to solve the lighting technology is a better lighting type.

2) Mixed arrangement, the projection Angle and azimuth arrangement of the lighthouse can be appropriately flexible, the length of the light band can be appropriately shortened, and the height of the light band can also be appropriately reduced.

Stadium lighting design is a medium and large lighting project, whether it is the illumination calculation, or the selection of lamps, or the later construction and installation, is a system project, each link is linked to the state. When we operate, we must verify the theory with practice at every step. When there is deviation, it must be adjusted in time, and the electrical department should do a good job of coordination

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