Warehouse High Bay Lighting Requirements For LED Lights

Warehouse High Bay Lighting Requirements for LED Lights: An Introduction to Hishine’s K7 High Bay Light

High bay lighting is essential for warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and other industrial facilities. It provides adequate illumination to ensure safety, productivity, and efficiency in the workplace. In recent years, many companies have switched to LED high bay lights due to their energy efficiency, durability, and low maintenance costs. However, not all LED lights are suitable for high bay lighting applications. In this article, we will discuss the requirements for warehouse high bay lighting and introduce Hishine’s K7 high bay light, which offers superior performance and features.

Requirements for Warehouse High Bay Lighting

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K7 series of linear high bay lights

1. High Luminous Efficacy

High bay lighting fixtures are mounted at a height of 20 feet or more, which means that the light needs to be powerful enough to reach the ground and illuminate the entire area. The luminous efficacy of a light source is the amount of light it produces per unit of power consumed, typically measured in lumens per watt (lm/W). The higher the luminous efficacy, the more efficient the light source is. For high bay lighting, the luminous efficacy should be at least 150 lm/W to provide sufficient illumination while minimizing energy consumption.

2. Uniformity and Glare Control

High bay lighting should provide uniform illumination throughout the workspace, without creating areas of excessive brightness or darkness. This can be achieved by using multiple light sources and arranging them in a way that maximizes coverage. Additionally, glare control is essential to prevent discomfort, eye strain, and accidents. Glare can be minimized by using diffusers, reflectors, or lenses to direct the light downward and reduce reflections.

3. Durability and Reliability

Warehouse environments are often harsh, with high temperatures, humidity, dust, and vibrations. Therefore, high bay lighting fixtures should be designed to withstand these conditions and maintain their performance over time. LED lights are ideal for high bay lighting because they are solid-state devices that have no moving parts, no filaments, and no glass tubes. They are also resistant to shock, impact, and temperature fluctuations, making them more durable and reliable than traditional lighting technologies.

Introducing Hishine’s K7 High Bay Light

Hishine is a leading manufacturer of high-quality LED lighting products, including high bay lights, floodlights, streetlights, and panel lights. Their K7 high bay light is a state-of-the-art fixture that meets and exceeds the requirements for warehouse high bay lighting. Here are some of its key features and benefits:

1. High Luminous Efficacy

The K7 high bay light has a luminous efficacy of up to 200 lm/W, which is among the highest in the industry. This means that it can provide more light while consuming less energy, resulting in significant cost savings and environmental benefits. The K7 is available in wattages ranging from 100W to 500W, making it suitable for various ceiling heights and illumination levels.

2. Cardan-Style Lens

The K7 high bay light uses a cardan-style lens that can be adjusted in any direction to optimize the light distribution and minimize glare. This design also allows for easy installation and maintenance, as the lens can be replaced without disassembling the fixture. Additionally, the lens is made of high-quality PC material that is resistant to yellowing, cracking, and UV radiation.

3. Intelligent Control

The K7 high bay light supports various intelligent control options, such as motion sensors, daylight sensors, and wireless dimming systems. These features allow for automatic lighting adjustments based on occupancy, ambient light levels, and user preferences, which can further reduce energy consumption and enhance user comfort. The K7 can also be integrated with building management systems (BMS) for centralized monitoring and control.

4. Customizable Design

The K7 high bay light is available in different colors and finishes, allowing for customization to match the interior design of the facility. The fixture is also IP65 rated, which means that it is dust-tight and water-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor and indoor applications. The K7 has a long lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, which translates to more than 10 years of maintenance-free operation.


Warehouse high bay lighting requires high luminous efficacy, uniformity, glare control, durability, and reliability. LED lights are the best choice for high bay lighting due to their superior performance and features. Hishine’s K7 high bay light is a top-of-the-line fixture that offers 200 lm/W high luminous efficacy, cardan-style lens, intelligent control, customizable design, and long lifespan. It is an ideal solution for industrial facilities that seek to improve their lighting quality, reduce energy costs, and enhance their working environment.