What are advantages of intelligent lighting in sports venues?

What are advantages of intelligent lighting in sports venues?


  1. Realize intelligent control


Intelligent lighting control system uses advanced electronic and electrical appliances and communication technology, not only can achieve single point, double point, multi-point, regional, group control, scene setting, timing switch, on-site real-time monitoring, but also can be pre-programmed lighting control mode for various sports competition illuminance standards, lighting quality requirements.


For example: the stadium for basketball, tennis, handball, volleyball and other general games to be carried out in advance can be pre-programmed through the intelligent lighting control system of various lighting modes of the scene stored in the panel button, so that it is in a fully automatic state; According to the requirements of different scenes during the game, tap the button to realize the various scenes needed during the game.


2, in line with the green lighting plan


Intelligent lighting control system reduces operating costs by optimizing energy utilization; Protect lamps and reduce lamp damage; Intelligent control: make full use of natural light illuminance changes, determine the range of electrical lighting; Low pressure distribution system design, easy to economic accounting unit metering;


In the stadium to ensure a variety of competition levels, the lighting mode is pre-programmed according to the system, and the illumination value of the high, medium and low levels of the illumination standard is selected; Select suitable lighting methods, mixed lighting methods are used in places with higher lighting requirements, and zoning lighting methods or other energy-saving methods are used in lower places.


For example: for live broadcast, satellite transmission of various competitions, the illuminance standard should be selected high illuminance value, for training competitions, the illuminance standard can be selected in the illuminance value, for the usual training only open area lighting, and these can be preset in advance in the intelligent lighting control system to achieve the desired effect.


3, easy to manage, reduce maintenance costs


Intelligent lighting control system changes the traditional lighting artificial simple switch management mode, it uses advanced electronic and electrical technology, so that the entire integrated stadium lighting status display on the monitoring interface for browsing, and real-time monitoring; Thus, the management of the entire stadium rises to a new management model, while reducing the overhaul process and time of the entire system, reducing maintenance costs, and bringing great return on investment.


4, simple design


The design of traditional lighting control circuit is complicated, so the control and load should be considered comprehensively in design. The use of intelligent lighting control system only need to consider the number of load loop, capacity and control point location, the required various complex functions can be implemented through software programming after hardware installation; Even last minute changes to the design can be done because it just needs to be reconfigured.


5, easy to install


The traditional lighting control power line is long, and the construction is more troublesome; The wiring of the intelligent lighting control system is only between the control equipment and the control equipment and the load, so the amount of cable on the main trunk can be minimized, comprehensive statistics show that the wiring of the intelligent lighting control system can save 30% of the material cost than the traditional wiring, and the installation time can be greatly shortened. Site construction personnel can obviously feel that the installation of intelligent lighting control system is simple, fast and cheap.


6, the use of safe, sustainable development


According to user needs and changes in the external environment, just modify the software Settings instead of transforming the line can adjust the lighting layout and expand the function, greatly reducing the transformation cost and shorten the transformation cycle. The operating voltage of the control loop is the safety voltage DC24V, even if the switch panel accidental leakage can ensure personal safety, the system is open, and can be combined with other property management systems (BMS), building automation systems (BA), security and fire protection systems, in line with the development trend of intelligent buildings.