What are the advantages of LED stadium lighting 600w Hi-shoot in sports venues?

Sports lighting has gone a long way in a short period of time. Since 2015, more and more venues have shifted from traditional metal halide lights to more adaptable and energy-efficient LED sports lighting. For example, Li Tie-8 Football Park, Xin’an Football Park, Haizhu Sports Center, and so on.

Engineers from Hishine introduced the recent rise of LED sports lighting systems in sports venues and why so many venues are using LED sports lighting technology.

According to engineers from Hishine, there are three main reasons for choosing the most advanced venue LED system: improving television broadcasting, enhancing fan experience, and reducing long-term operating costs.

What are the advantages of LED stadium lighting in sports venues?

LED lighting and control can improve television broadcasting

Due to its particularity, sports lighting systems have special requirements for lighting. In the early days, we used incandescent lamps, followed by “metal halide lamps”, and now the dazzling LED sports lighting. Among them, television broadcasting plays an important role!

From amateur matches to the English Premier League, LED enhances television broadcasting by eliminating flickering slow motion replay (a common problem on metal halide lights). Equipped with advanced LED sports lighting systems, these clips can now be played without flickering at a speed of 20000 frames per second, allowing viewers to capture every second of replay in detail.

When using LED sports lighting to illuminate the competition venue, the image appears brighter and clearer on television because LED lighting can strike a balance between warm and cool colors. There are almost no shadows, glare, or overflow, so the movements remain clear and unobstructed. The LED system can also be adjusted according to the venue, time, and type of broadcast of the competition.

What are the advantages of LED stadium lighting in sports venues?

LED system can enhance the experience of fans during matches

With the help of LED sports lighting system, the audience has a better experience, not only improving the viewing experience of the competition, but also increasing the participation of the audience. LED has an instant on/off function, allowing for immediate adjustment of lighting during halftime breaks or game breaks.

Imagine if your favorite team throws a buzzer 2 seconds before the end of the game, the timer goes to 0 seconds, the light is on, and the ball hits, what kind of reaction would the fans in the venue have. The lighting engineer can use a controllable LED system to customize this moment and boost the morale of the players. On the contrary, fans will also feel that they are a part of the game.

What are the advantages of LED stadium lighting in sports venues?

Advanced lighting systems can reduce operating costs

The advancement of lighting technology has also made the operating costs of LED more attractive than before, and more affordable than traditional lighting such as metal halide lamps. Installing LED in venues can save 60% to 70% of total energy costs.

So, what is the total project cost? The average installation cost of a sports stadium ranges from 500000 to 5 million RMB, while the installation cost of a sports stadium ranges from 5 million to 15 million RMB, depending on the size of the stadium, lighting facilities, etc. With the reduction of energy conservation and maintenance costs, it is common to see a return on investment for LED systems within a few years.

Taking the lighting fixtures of  Hishine as an example, in order for traditional metal halide lamps to achieve the same brightness as Hishine 600W LED stadium lights, the power must be around 1500W. Taking the installation of 48 600W LED stadium lights in a certain stadium as an example, the lighting should be on for 4 hours per day, but the actual time should not exceed 4 hours. For example, 365 days per year, the electricity cost is 1.5 yuan/kWh (commercial electricity prices are generally higher than civilian electricity). In one year, Hishine lighting fixtures can save approximately 100000 yuan.

It can save 100000 yuan in one year, and based on the normal service life of the lamp of 50000 hours, a total of 3.4 million yuan can be saved. Conservatively estimated, it can also save 3 million yuan. For a 5 million RMB stadium, the amount saved by lighting fixtures is already equivalent to half of the stadium!