What are the characteristics of stadium lighting?

According to relevant data, the global smart lighting market is expected to be USD 6 billion in 2018, and the compound annual growth rate from 2018 to 2024 will exceed 20%.

The growing demand for reducing energy consumption in the sports lighting field is a major feature of the continuous progress of energy-saving lighting systems. Energy-saving LED lighting systems can reduce energy costs for stadiums, thereby greatly increasing the prospects of LED development in the future!


For sports lighting, these lighting systems can reduce power supply costs and reduce peak loads. The “green lighting” initiatives implemented by governments around the world are a major factor in the growing number of smart lighting solutions.

It is expected that the lighting system of the Internet of Things will become one of the most important components of the sports lighting infrastructure, mainly for the purpose of continuous development of the project. With the continuous optimization of lighting systems, energy consumption, the self-sustainability and growth of stadiums can be greatly accelerated.

From the point of view of components, given that LED sports lighting products began to occupy the leading position in the sports lighting market in 2017, as a member of the LED sports lighting field, the convenience of HISHINE Group Limited‘s sports lighting and the advantages of professional lighting solutions are expected to be promoted. HISHINE Group Limited’s LED sports lighting fixtures will grow substantially in the future.

In the product market, HISHINE Group Limited also uses its unique technology to become a beautiful landscape in the sports lighting market. HISHINE Group Limited’s LED sports lighting fixtures are equipped with: 1. Intelligent network control; 2. Safety and environmental protection; 3. Convenient installation and maintenance; 4. Green energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection; 5. High cost performance, low maintenance; 6. Instant switch on, Convenient application and other features!

From the light source point of view, the LED lighting part is expected to occupy a major share of the smart lighting market in 2024, reaching more than 60%. In view of the fact that LED lighting technology is more cost-effective and energy-saving than traditional metal halide lighting systems, the use of LED sports lighting fixtures has grown rapidly in the past five years. In addition, in view of the government’s support for energy conservation and environmental protection, the LED market is expected to show a strong growth trend in the next few years.

From the perspective of use, given the high popularity of IoT lighting systems, especially in the field of sports lighting. As customers in the sports lighting market become more aware of the benefits of smart lighting systems in terms of energy saving, stadiums’ demand for such lighting solutions is growing rapidly.

From 2018 to 2024, LED sports lighting will usher in an explosive period. The main feature of rapid growth is the growing global demand for “green lighting” and “professional sports lighting”. Given that these systems can operate according to smart lighting systems, significant energy saving effects can be achieved through deployment.

I believe that as LED lamps and smart lighting are widely used in the field of sports lighting, HISHINE Group Limited will become the dominant force in sports lighting in the future!

Post time: Jul-15-2021
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