What are the requirements for office lighting standards

  1. Choose the appropriate color temperature and color rendering index for the light source. In office settings, generally choose a color temperature greater than 4000K and a color rendering index of Ra ≥ 75

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  2. Lighting level: Different environments and places have different requirements for lighting. The illuminance of the office should meet the usage requirements, generally 500-1000lx
  3. Lighting uniformity: Reasonably arrange lighting fixtures to ensure even illumination, so that the difference between the maximum and minimum illumination levels in the office and the average illumination level is less than 1/3 of the average illumination level
  4. Comfort and glare control: When there is excessive brightness or brightness ratio in the field of vision, people will feel dazzling glare. The main measures to prevent glare are to limit the brightness of the light source and arrange the light source reasonably. If the light source is within a 45 degree range above the line of sight, form a shading angle or use opaque materials to block the light source
  5. Safety: The main consideration is the safety of the lamp structure, the safety of electrical appliances, whether the lamp meets the standards, and whether it has passed 3C certification.
  6. Energy saving and environmental protection: Select high luminous efficiency light sources, high-efficiency, long-life, reasonable light distribution lamps, high-performance, long-life accessories, etc.

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