What are the requirements of classroom lighting?

Key points of classroom lighting design, the role and requirements of classroom lighting
Classroom lighting design points

1. Selection of lamps:
The selection of teaching lamps should consider its illumination requirements.

2. Lighting layout:
In the layout of the classroom, it is necessary to fully consider the coordination and unity of the students’ learning environment, the teachers’ working environment and the overall environment of the school, so as to save energy and be beautiful.

3. Lighting effect:
According to the need can be set up local cast light or semi-direct reflection type lamps to enhance the sense of indoor space and hierarchy.

4, light source selection:
Fluorescent tubes are generally used as the main light source and auxiliary light source.

5, power requirements:
1 Safe use of electricity; 2 Meet national standards; 3 with overload protection function; 4 Use 220v AC power; 5 There is a grounding device; 6 The installation position is reasonable; 7 Line laying standard, neat, neat;

8. Convenient maintenance and management. The classroom is a place for students to study in school, but also a place for teachers to teach, so there are strict requirements for the brightness of teaching lights, but also pay attention to energy saving and safety issues.

First, the main role of classroom lighting

1, improve visual quality: good light conditions can improve visual clarity, so that students will not feel tired in a bright classroom.

2, improve the learning atmosphere: bright environment can eliminate fatigue, improve attention; It can reduce the visual errors caused by eye adjustment and improve the reading speed and quality; It can reduce eye muscle tension and vision loss caused by prolonged gaze.

3, conducive to healthy development: sufficient light can promote children’s growth and development and prevent the occurrence and development of myopia; Can help students develop correct reading and writing posture; It is helpful to cultivate their correct method and ability of observing things.

Second, the basic requirements of classroom lighting

1, illuminance uniformity: under the premise of ensuring sufficient illuminance, the illuminance should be consistent everywhere (such as the exposure range of the desk lamp and ceiling fan).

2. Color temperature suitability: the color temperature of the light source is too high will cause people to have unpleasant feelings (such as the light emitted by incandescent bulbs will make people’s eyes uncomfortable), while the color temperature is too low can not play the due role (such as the yellow and white light emitted by fluorescent lamps).

3, high color rendering index

4. No glare and stroboscopic phenomenon

5. Good safety performance

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