What does the brightness of solar street lights depend on?

Power depends on system specifications. Therefore, from the light source, the brightness of solar street lights depends on the specifications of the system.

What does the brightness of solar street lights depend on?插图
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The brightness of the solar street lamp is the actual power given by the controller, and the actual power plus the full power working time is the power consumption of the solar lamp in a day. Assuming that the working time is unchanged, the greater the power, the greater the power consumption. The greater the power consumption, the greater the amount of charging required and the storage capacity of the battery, so the specifications of the solar street lamp need to be larger, that is, the solar panels and batteries need to be larger.

Another important determinant is the system voltage. The system voltage is 3.2V, 12.8V, 24V three kinds.

If you need more power and higher brightness, you need to make a 12.8V or 24V system. For road projects, 12.8V and 24V all-in-one machines and separate solar street lights are always the first choice.

Another factor is the overall lighting effect. At the same actual power, the higher the efficiency of the luminous LED chip, the brighter the light emitted.