What if I want to put street lights around a football stadium?

If you want to install street lights around a football stadium, here are some suggestions based on the relevant figures and information in the reference article:

Consider lighting needs:
According to the actual use and needs of the football field, determine the lighting brightness of the street lamp. For futsal football fields, the illumination standard is 150lx-300lx for amateur games (training), 300lx-500lx for professional games, and may be higher for official games. For standard football pitches (11-a-side), the illumination requirement will be higher.

At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the illumination uniformity of the football field ground reaches above 0.7 to ensure that every position in the field has sufficient lighting.

Select the right street lamp type and model:
Considering the area and lighting needs of the football field, it is recommended to choose high-pole street lamps as the main lighting equipment. High-pole street lights can provide a wider range of lighting and higher lighting brightness.

The light source of the street lamp is recommended to choose LED anti-glare lamp, which has the characteristics of soft light and non-dazzling, and low energy consumption.

Determine the installation position and height of the street lamp:
Street lights should be installed on the fence around the football field, and the height of the light pole is 6-8 meters. This ensures that the lights shine evenly from both sides of the court, while avoiding disruption to players and spectators.
The distance between street lights should be designed according to the size and brightness requirements of the site, generally three light poles on each side (6 meters or 8 meters more).

Consider the grouping control of street lights:
According to different competition levels and lighting needs, the street lights can be grouped and controlled. In this way, the brightness and range of lighting can be adjusted according to actual needs, saving energy.

Be aware of the impact on the surrounding environment:
When installing street lights, care should be taken to avoid causing disturbance to surrounding residents and wildlife. The impact on the environment can be reduced by selecting the appropriate light source, adjusting the irradiation Angle and installation position.

Comply with relevant standards and regulations:
When installing street lights, ensure that the relevant local standards and regulations are met. For example, the lighting brightness, color temperature, lighting range, etc. of street lamps need to meet the standard requirements.

Summary: When installing street lights around the football field, it is necessary to consider lighting requirements, street lamp type and model, installation location and height, group control, impact on the surrounding environment, and compliance with relevant standards and regulations. Through reasonable planning and design, it can be ensured that the street lights around the football field meet the lighting needs, and have good visual effects and environmental performance.