What is a special LED stadium light?

What is a special light for the stadium?

There is no doubt that the lamps customized for stadium lighting are the special lamps for stadiums.

For example, special lights for football courts, special lights for basketball courts, special lights for badminton courts, special lights for tennis courts, special lights for table tennis courts, etc.

The question is again, what is it to be customized for stadium lighting?

This depends on the lighting requirements of the stadium. Here are a few more important requirements and standards for sports lighting.




Sports lighting requirements for the color rendering index of the light source of lamps and lanterns

The color rendering index is a measure of the ability of a light source to display the original color of an object.

The color rendering ability of the sun is the most true to the object, which can be used as a reference light source and used as a reference standard.

The International Commission on Illumination (CIE) sets the color rendering index of sunlight as 100Ra and specifies 15 test colors. R1-R15 are used to represent the display index of these 15 colors. And divide the color rendering index into 5 levels:

90-100Ra: Places that require precise color contrast;

80-89Ra: A place that satisfies the correct color judgment;

60-79Ra: meet the medium color rendering place;

40-59Ra: Places with low requirements for light color rendering and single tone;

20-39Ra: places without specific requirements for light color rendering.

The stadium is not a place with a single color tone, so the minimum display index of the stadium lighting is required to be greater than 65Ra.

If it is a large stadium and TV broadcast is required, the color rendering index is required to be greater than 80. The highest level of stadium lighting-HDTV broadcast is important, and international competitions have higher requirements for color rendering index, above 90Ra. Therefore, the color rendering index of the stadium-specific lights needs to be at least 65Ra, and the color rendering index of the HISHINE Group Limited stadium-specific lights is above 90Ra, so the HISHINE Group Limited stadium-specific lights are suitable for all stadiums.

The requirements of sports lighting for the color temperature of the light source of the lamp




The color temperature of light can give people a feeling of cold and warm. The light emitted by a light source with a color temperature below 3500K is called Warm White, and the light emitted by a light source between 3500K and 5500K is called natural white light ( Natural White), the light emitted by a light source above 5500K is called Cool White. Sports lighting requires natural white light. For example, the color temperature of table tennis court lighting and billiard court lighting is 4000K, and the color temperature of football and basketball courts is between 4000K-5500K.

HISHINE Group Limited has very high accomplishments in sports lighting, and has provided perfect lighting solutions for many international stadiums, providing efficient, glare-free, green and energy-saving lighting for stadiums all over the world.

Post time: Jul-16-2021
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