What is smart high pole light?


Intelligent high-pole light is a new type of lighting device that integrates modern science and technology elements, which combines the characteristics of high-pole light and intelligent lighting technology, bringing more convenience and intelligent management to urban lighting. The following is a detailed introduction to the intelligent high pole light:

1. Basic structure

The intelligent high-pole lamp is generally composed of a lamp head, internal lighting electrical, rod body and basic parts. Among them, the lamp head shape can be specific according to user requirements, the surrounding environment, lighting needs; The internal lamps are mostly composed of floodlights and floodlights, and the light source is usually an energy-efficient LED light source, such as NG400 high-pressure sodium lamps, and the lighting radius can reach 60 meters. The rod body is generally a pyramidal single-body structure, rolled with steel plates, and the height is usually between 15 and 40 meters.

Second, intelligent function

Intelligent control: Intelligent high-pole light can achieve intelligent control of brightness, illumination time, environmental parameters and other parameters through intelligent sensing technology. This control mode can automatically adjust the lighting brightness and time according to the actual situation of the surrounding environment to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction and reduce operation and maintenance costs.
Remote monitoring and management: Intelligent high-pole light supports remote monitoring and management functions, which can realize real-time monitoring, fault warning and remote control of high-pole light through the smart city management platform. This management mode can greatly improve maintenance efficiency and reduce O&M costs.
Data analysis and optimization: Intelligent high-pole lights can collect information such as road, people flow, traffic flow and environmental data through sensors, and feed these data back to the smart city management platform. Through the analysis and processing of these data, the lighting scheme can be optimized, the lighting effect can be improved, and the sustainable development and intelligent management of the city can be strongly supported.
Third, other functions

In addition to the above intelligent functions, intelligent high-pole lights can also integrate a variety of functional modules, such as video surveillance, environmental monitoring, information release and so on. These functional modules can be customized and integrated according to specific needs to achieve more functions and application scenarios.

Iv. Application scenarios

The application scenarios of intelligent high-pole lights are very wide, including urban road lighting, urban security monitoring, urban information release, urban environmental monitoring, etc. Through the application of intelligent high-pole lights, urban lighting effects can be improved, urban safety can be enhanced, urban information dissemination efficiency can be improved, and urban environmental quality can be improved.

In summary, the intelligent high-pole lamp is a new lighting device integrating modern science and technology elements, which has intelligent control, remote monitoring and management, data analysis and optimization and other intelligent functions, and can be customized and integrated according to specific needs of a variety of functional modules. Intelligent high-pole lights have a wide range of application scenarios, which will provide strong support for the sustainable development and intelligent management of cities.