What is the difference between a plant fill light and a regular light?

The main difference between plant fill lights and regular lights is their spectrum and luminous efficiency.

Plant fill lights are lighting fixtures designed specifically for plant growth, and their spectra can better meet the lighting needs of plants. For example, the spectra required for plant growth mainly include blue and red light, while the proportion of these colors in the spectrum of ordinary lamps may not be ideal. Therefore, if you use regular lights to illuminate plants, it may affect their growth and health.

In addition, the luminous efficiency of plant fill lights is also higher than that of ordinary lights. Plant fill lights generally use the principle of LED lighting, which can provide higher quality light sources. Moreover, their energy efficiency ratio is relatively high, their service life is longer, and they do not generate heat like ordinary lights, thereby reducing electricity costs.

Overall, plant fill lights are more suitable for use in environments where plants grow than regular lights. They can provide spectra that are more suitable for plant growth and light sources with higher luminous efficiency, which can effectively promote plant growth and development. If you want your plants to have a better growth environment, a good plant fill light is indispensable.


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