What is the effect of plant growth lamps on orchids and other plants?

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The plant growth lamp emits the light source required by the plant, allowing the plant to achieve the effect of supplementary lighting, promoting plant growth, and promoting the growth of roots and stems. It also plays a significant role in flower cultivation. What is the effect of the plant growth lamp on orchids? Let’s take a look together.

1、 The effect of plant growth lamps on orchids

  1. Orchid is a noble and refined flower, but it is also a difficult to sustain flower. When planted indoors or in greenhouses, the most important thing is to pay attention to the impact of light on orchids.
  2. Orchids do not have high requirements for light and do not like extremely strong light. They usually grow in areas with tree shade, but without light, it is impossible. Orchids require light to cooperate and produce energy. In home planting, if there is strong sunlight, appropriate shading should be provided. However, if there is a prolonged rainy season in the summer in the south or a haze in the winter in the north, and insufficient sunlight has an impact on the growth of orchids, plant supplementary lighting should be used for supplementary lighting.
  3. Plants use the light emitted by growth lamps to convert natural substances such as carbon dioxide and water into organic matter for their own growth needs, and light is of utmost importance. If crops grow in adverse light conditions, it can lead to malnutrition, lack of robustness, flower and fruit drop, low sugar content, slow ripening, and poor quality of the plants.

2、 What are the effects of plant growth lights on other plants

  1. Plant lights can provide supplementary light for plants with insufficient illumination, helping them grow normally.

Using plants during the seedling stage can effectively prevent plant overgrowth.

  1. The use of plant lights can completely separate plants from the outside, achieving indoor planting, which is of great significance to the planting industry.
  2. Using the spectrum provided by plant lamps to facilitate photosynthesis in flowering and fruiting plants can improve their yield and quality.
  3. Use plant lamps to induce and regulate the photoperiod of plants, allowing for controlled growth.

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