What is the importance of urban road lighting qualification?


The prosperity of a city depends on whether the city is bright enough. Although this is not absolute, it can also be seen from the side that a city’s street light system is an important standard for urban development, and the night scene of each city is inseparable from the maintenance of the road lighting system, especially for these first-tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, urban road lighting projects are very important. This also requires that the construction team must have urban and road lighting qualifications.

The development of urban construction is rapid, the construction of various projects is also increasing, the lighting construction of urban projects is also increasing, and the demand for electricity is also great. Some bad factors brought about by the urban lighting project have also brought a huge financial burden to the government. Therefore, in order to enable the government to reduce some unnecessary financial burdens, it is necessary to ensure the quality of urban lighting construction projects and ensure that lighting projects can operate safely and effectively.


At present, we can see that the number of street lights in many cities is growing exponentially, and the shape of street lights is also varied and endless. Many cities pay too much attention to the shape of street lights, but ignore the functionality. Urban road lighting is a basic facility to solve the problem of lighting citizens at night. If the cart is put before the horse, the lighting function at night will lose its due effect.


Street lights are one of the factors that affect the activity of the city at night, the street lights are set reasonably, the lighting environment is suitable, and the safety of night travel can be guaranteed. Therefore, road lighting as one of the largest number of municipal facilities in the city, its role in urban construction is self-evident, with the dual landscape lighting role of day and night.