What Is The Standard Of Tennis Court Lighting?

Like football, tennis is also one of the most popular sports, thus tennis court is one of the sports fields. Providing uniform tennis court lights for tennis equipment is very important, and athletes and audiences can enjoy a well-lit venue. The tennis court lighting standard required to illuminate the tennis court vary from entertainment standards to professional levels.


The Standard of Competition

The lighting layout of a good tennis court is like air. Its existence is almost hard to forget. On the contrary, when the lighting of the venue is not so professional, it will become like haze, which makes people very disgusting and dizzy. Therefore, the comfort and professionalism of tennis court lighting standard is self-evident for a tennis court.

The tennis court lighting standards are determined by different organizations according to the level of the game played on the court. These levels are divided into 4 classes: Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 and Class 4.

Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4
Professional College College High School
International Tennis Clubs High School Tennis Clubs
Training Residential Tennis Clubs Parks & Recreation
Challenge Parks & Recreation Residential College
College   Parks & Recreation  

Class 1: National & Professional Competition

-High-level international / national / professional level - 500 lux

-Top competitive competition with many audiences

-Equipment usually include broadcast tennis matches, such as the US Open, Wimbledon and so on.


Class 2: Amateur Competition & Professional Training

-Mid-level tennis court standard - 300 Lux

-Intermediate competition, advanced training, the average viewing distance

-Maybe it include university equipment primarily used for inter-university recreational activities.


Class 3: Training & Recreational

-Lower level activities or entertainment – 200 Lux

-Low-level competition, local training, general training, school team activities or recreational activities.


Class 4: Recreational Activities

-The lowest level of competition

-The equipment used for entertainment places, such as parks.


The Tennis Court Lighting requirement for Professionals