What Problems Should be Paid Attention to in Table Tennis Hall Lighting?

table tennis hall light

1. The illuminance of the table tennis light. The illuminance of the game table tennis should not be lower than 400lux, and the illuminance of other parts of the playing field should not be lower than 200lux. The illuminance should be uniform and stable. If the illumination of competition level is higher, it can reach 500lx, 750lx or more. If it is a large-scale table tennis competition, the requirements will be higher. For example, the illumination of the WTT table tennis grand slam field is nearly 2000lx, and the broadcast level screen very clearly!

K9 LED linear light

2. In terms of illuminance, determine what level the venue belongs to. The next step is to determine the choice of lamps. There are many lamps in the market, and many people don’t know how to choose. Some may not have high requirements and just find a panel lamp to install. , the brightness is not enough in the later stage, and it needs to be replaced again, so it is more troublesome. There are also lights from industrial and mining factories. The height of the ball room depends on the height. If the height is relatively high, such as the WTT site, where the lamps are installed more than 15 meters, use the high-efficiency series MT-GD150W-V1. This is used for WTT table tennis competitions. You can understand that if it is a unit If it is relatively low, use a low-power or dimmable lamp series, and you can learn about total reflection luminous lamps.

3. After the lamp is selected, it is necessary to determine the installation location. For example, how to install the lamp and which location is more suitable? The light effect is better and the uniformity is higher when the table tennis ball is installed around the position. For example, the following installation method.

4. Recommended lamps suitable for table tennis lighting, total reflection light, no direct light lamps.

1) Anti-glare light, reflective light, no direct light, soft light, the real light that only sees the light but does not see the light source.

2) The unique heat dissipation design of the LED lamp bead, the heat conduction path is short and fast, ensuring a long service life of the lamp bead.

3) Unique light distribution design, can be hoisted, embedded and especially suitable for occasions that require side mounting, and the effective utilization of light is very high.

4) Aluminum profile shell, electrostatic spraying on the outer layer, all stainless steel fasteners, nano-coated reflectors, external drive and built-in optional.

5) The self-designed and produced driving power supply has the characteristics of high efficiency, safety, wide input voltage, heat-conducting silicone potting, and no flicker. In addition, it can be dimmed, and the brightness of the lamp can be adjusted according to the brightness requirements in the table tennis room!