What should be considered to the football field lighting?

Sports lighting is essential in sports, not to say that every sport is in the daytime, night games are also very frequent, and even indoor games, lighting is also very important. Nowadays, people attach great importance to sports, strengthening their health is better than taking medicine, and this truth is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Moreover, sports lighting is an important carrier of national and regional economic strength, scientific and technological level and social and cultural development, so the choice of sports lighting should be careful in careful. So, what are the functional needs of sports lighting to meet the athletes? Next, Huaxia Big Dipper makes a simple introduction for you:

What should be considered to the football field lighting?插图
hi-robot high mast light for football field

The stadium lighting should meet the functional needs of the athletes, the needs of the audience to appreciate the competition, and provide high-quality TV pictures for the TV broadcast, provide a fair light environment for the referee, and achieve safe application, energy saving and environmental protection, and advanced technology.
In general, the higher the speed of movement, the higher the lighting requirements, but the illumination required for high-speed movement in a single direction is not necessarily higher than that for low-speed movement in multiple directions.

Due to the influence of movement space, movement direction, movement range, movement speed and other aspects of large stadiums, the stadium lighting has higher requirements than general lighting. Usually, high color rendering, high illuminance, high illuminance uniformity, low glare, etc., must be achieved in stadium lighting; The sports field space is relatively tall, to meet the above requirements, special lamps must be used, and special lighting treatment methods.

With the advent of the LED light source, it was immediately favored by major sports venues and colleges, LED lighting lighting to achieve bright and not glare, uniform brightness, effective control of the overflow light, so as to ensure that athletes can normally complete the task of the game. At the same time, LED lighting green energy saving, low-carbon environmental protection, can replace 800W and above gold halide lamps, effective energy saving than traditional gold halide lamps increased by more than 65%, no explosion lamp risk, no use of heavy metal toxic and harmful substances, no ultraviolet light harm, reduce environmental light pollution;

Today, all venues have switched to LED as a light source, and most of them use 200W-1000W lamps, which have high light efficiency, high color rendering, and color temperature between 5000-6400, which can meet the requirements of high-definition color TV for outdoor lighting. The efficiency of the lamp can reach 80%, and the protection level of the currently commonly used high-power floodlight can reach IP65.

Compared with traditional light sources, LED energy saving 50% to 70%. LED lamps with its small power consumption, color quality can be adjusted, flexible control, instantaneous lighting and other unique characteristics, more suitable for stadium lighting. Such as China Beidoustar LED stadium lamps, the efficiency of up to 110-130 lm/W, and 5000 hours of constant illumination output, to ensure that the site to obtain a constant level of illumination and uniformity, to avoid the attenuation of illumination and increase the demand for lighting equipment and cost, while reducing the lighting equipment power consumption.

Sports venues with what lighting is better?

Whether it is an indoor stadium or an outdoor stadium, the requirements for lighting are very high, taking the basketball stadium as an example, the middle court often gathers more lights, but the area with too much light often produces glare, and the backboard area is often weak, ensuring the lighting uniformity of the overall field, which plays a vital role in the level of athletes.

In order to ensure the uniformity of illumination from all angles and prevent indoor glare, the elevation Angle from the lowest point of the stadium to the lamp must be greater than 45°, but because the current location of the stadium’s light source is higher and more dispersed, so in order to prevent direct exposure to athletes or spectators, the stadium will use computers to calculate the projection point. Ensure the uniform and reasonable distribution of light. Indoor glare can also be caused by different floor materials or the reflection of the water surface of the swimming venue, so it is also possible to install a grille or baffle for the lamp to reduce glare.

According to the characteristics of special lights in sports venues, the lighting quality objectives of sports venues are as follows: light color is pure white, color is pure, bright and clear. The light is stable, smooth, no fluctuation, no stroboscopic effect harm; There is no glare hazard, the venue light is not dazzling, not dazzling, not dazzling, not dazzling. Ensure that the basketball in the air flight trajectory is true, no tail, air positioning is true and accurate. The players play the ball accurately, firmly, and visually comfortable.

With the development of many technologies such as the Internet of Things, machine learning, cloud technology, and big data, intelligent lighting will also usher in greater space for development. Sports lighting network intelligent control, endless dimming, fast automatic adjustment of real-time control, multiple self-protection, the use of Internet of Things technology will be basketball court lighting, football field lighting, tennis court lighting and other sports lighting equipment intelligent management, to create a healthy, intelligent, energy-saving new generation of sports stadium lighting!

Through the Hishine led lighting intelligent lighting system management platform, on the basis of achieving a healthy light environment for stadium lighting, it can also monitor the operating status of electrical, security and other equipment through the platform in real time and quickly react. In addition, on the basis of lighting to achieve energy saving, through intelligent management mode, again reduce energy consumption and effective energy saving. PC and mobile devices can be one-click mode switch, instant switch start, easy to use. The lighting can be switched between different modes such as professional broadcasting, professional competition, amateur competition, amateur training, etc. Under the guidance of technology, the stadium will become the center of the city!