What should I pay attention to when installing LED Stadium Light?

As people’s awareness and love of sports gradually deepens, there are now sports stadiums in all cities, large and small, and many people who love sports will go to stadiums or go to sports in their spare time. For a modern sports stadium or court, not only the building is beautiful and generous, with all kinds of complete equipment, but also a good lighting environment. The installed stadium lighting is very important, that is, it requires suitable and uniform illuminance and brightness, ideal light color, three-dimensional effect and no glare.




At present, most sports venues are equipped with LED sports lighting fixtures, because LED lighting fixtures not only have a long service life, but also have low carbon and energy saving, with unique advantages such as no flicker, anti-glare, and high brightness. So what should you pay attention to when choosing to install LED lighting fixtures in stadiums?

1. Pay attention to the anti-dizziness function of the product

The glare problem of LED stadium lights. The glare in stadiums will not only affect the game, but also affect the mood of football players. If the emitted light directly shines on the camera lens, it will also produce camera glare and affect shooting. Solving the glare caused by special lamps for stadiums In addition to preventing glare when designing lamps, the installation height and projection angle of lamps are also important factors to control glare.

2. Consider the manufacturer’s after-sales service

Stadium lighting led stadium light manufacturers introduced that another key to choosing sports-specific lights for stadiums is the related after-sales situation, because the stadiums are for people to train, and once the lighting problems occur, the training will be ineffective, so LED stadiums The lamp manufacturer recommends that it is more important to choose a brand with after-sales guarantee, not only does not delay the training time, but also saves the extra expenses of the venue.

3. Brand effect

Sports venues must of course choose well-known brand lighting fixtures, but some sports venues choose some off-the-shelf lighting fixtures for cheap, which is not only irresponsible to the athletes but also to themselves. Although some off-brand lamps are cheap but not durable, they need to be replaced frequently, which not only saves money but causes more costs. And it has an impact on the sight of the athletes, and the final impact is that the stadiums are no one cares about.

HISHINE Group Limited’s LED sports stadium lights can be activated instantly, with uniform brightness, a color temperature close to natural light, softer light and a long life of 50,000 hours. The unique advantages of no flicker, anti-glare, high brightness and 144 light distribution curves can meet the lighting needs of various stadiums and provide a lighting environment for sports venues.

HISHINE Group Limited, focusing on LED stadium lighting solutions, integrating R&D, design, production and sales, is a national high-tech enterprise, creating an LED lighting industry brand with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness.

Post time: Jul-13-2021
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