Why Are Solar Power Lights Developing So Fast?

In recent years, solar street lights, solar floodlights and other products continue to appear in our industry. And in the past few years, it has replaced many LED lights in traditional industries. So, how much do you know about this solar street light? Why is the mall so hot?

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Composition of solar street lights

The working principle of solar street lights is to convert solar energy into electrical energy and then complete the lighting. The top of the street light is a solar panel, also called a photovoltaic module. During the day, these photovoltaic modules made of polysilicon convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it in the battery. Under the control of the controller, the solar panel absorbs the solar light and converts it into electrical energy through the irradiation of sunlight, and the solar battery components charge the battery pack during the day. In the evening, through the control of the controller, the electric energy is delivered to the light source to illuminate people at night. At night, the battery pack supplies power to the LED light source to complete the lighting function.


Components are generally divided into two parts: single crystal and polycrystalline. Of course, single crystal and polycrystalline are also divided into A side and B side, so this is why the prices of modules with the same configuration in the market are so different. Ordinary people can’t see it from the outside. What came out. The function of the module is to convert solar energy into electric energy that can be stored in the battery. The current conversion rate of single crystal is as high as 17%, and that of polycrystalline is about 12%.

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led solar street light

As the function of storing and releasing electric energy, the battery can be installed on the light pole or buried in the ground. The function of the battery box is to protect the battery underground. The battery will not be corroded by groundwater. The working principle of the battery is daytime Store the electrical energy converted by solar photovoltaic modules in the body, and start discharging at night when the controller commands the time. The quality of the products of manufacturers with different technical capabilities is also very different from the corresponding price.


The backbone of the street light system, the big heart, is an image metaphor. The human heart is good, and people can function normally without problems. If the heart has problems or fails, other body parts will be useless no matter how good they are.


Nowadays, the better ones on the market use flat light holders. The light source is optional. The main reason is these two accessories. The traditional modified LED light holder has a large shell and poor heat dissipation performance. The flat light holder is flat and looks more advanced. The light head has built-in heat dissipation, and the light source is divided into domestic and imported. The reason for domestic technology is that it is generally imported. The better imported products are Purui and Kerui, and Purui also has 33 and 45. The difference is different. The selection of materials and the price of the led light source are also different. The light pole part is customized according to the customer’s requirements for pole type and equipment parameters at the beginning of planning. The size and style requirements are different, and the price varies greatly.

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led high mast solar light


A series of advantages such as low-carbon environmental protection, safety and reliability of solar street light have been recognized by customers, and then vigorously promoted. Therefore, it can be widely used in urban main and secondary arterial roads, residential areas, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places.


Advantages of solar street lights compared to ordinary street lights

(1) When installing, it is not necessary to set up complex lines, just make a cement base and a battery pit within 1m, and fix it with galvanized bolts.

(2) The city circuit lights have high electricity costs and complex circuits, which require long-term uninterrupted maintenance of the circuits. Especially in the case of unstable voltage, it is inevitable that the sodium light is fragile, and with the extension of the service life, the circuit is aging and the maintenance cost is increasing year by year.

(3) Since the solar street light is 12-24V low voltage, the voltage is stable, the operation is reliable, and there is no safety hazard. It is an ideal product for ecological communities and road administration departments.