R & D capabilities

1, R&D department with over 10 Engineers. We only make our own designed and private molding led lights. 

2, We have more than 50 patents related to LED light-ing applications,

 3, Have own Die-casting division, Sheet metal divi-sion, Dusting division, Painting division, and SMT divi-sion.

4. Full certificates. CE,ROHS,LM-79 and LM-80, SAA, VEET, FCC, UL, and DLC.

5, Have the full test machines for LED lamps, such as IES, salt spraying, water-proof and vibrating test.




We have a complete internal testing facility in the R&D center to conduct safety testing,

optoelectronic testing, and product reliability testing and life testing of all products before they are placed on the market.


Temperature and humidity programable chamber

The parameters and performance of the LED luminaire after the temperature change of

high temperature, low temperature, damp heat or constant test.

Water-proof test

Strictly use waterproof test equipment for waterproof testing to achieve a

qualified product waterproof rating


Precision Salt Spraying Tester

The salt spray test conforms to GB, CNS, ASTM, JIS, and ISO standards.

The surface of various materials is tested for corrosion resistance after coating,

plating, anodizing, anti-rust oil, etc.

IES device

The horizontal distribution photometer realizes various measurement methods such as

B-β, A-α and C-γ by rotating the lamp. Can work with double column or single column,

with special spectrum analyzer for spatial chromaticity measurement


Simulated transport vibrator

It is used to simulate the bumpy environment of goods in the container during transportation,

to test the structural strength of the product and the ability of the packaging to protect the product.

Meet the standards: ASTM D99, ISTA 1A-2001, EN71

Drop Test

It is mainly used to assess the degree of impact of the package on the drop impact during

the actual transportation and loading and unloading process,

and to assess the impact strength and packaging design rationality of the package during handling.


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