The 24th Winter Olympic Games was held in Beijing. In order to show the history, culture, folk customs and experience the colorful Beijing nightlife, we upgraded the landscape lighting in Shichahai area to provide more colorful nightlife for domestic and foreign tourists.


Shichahai is a 600-year-old complex in Beijing that was once the back garden of a Qing Dynasty royal palace and is now a famous “Beijing taste” cultural center. Shichahai, connected with the waters of Zhongnanhai, is the only open scenic spot with open water in the inner city of Beijing, and it is also the largest historical district in Beijing with the most complete preserved style. Shichahai includes Qianhai, Houhai and West Sea (also known as Jishuitan) three waters and adjacent areas, commonly known as “after three seas”, because of the original ten Buddhist temples around it, also known as “ten temples Sea”. There are many famous scenic spots and characteristic buildings with unique Chinese traditional folk style.

With the concept of “strengthening the historical charm of Beijing”, the design uses the techniques of Chinese painting, such as white space and emphasis, and uses lighting to express the old Beijing style of traditional Chinese architecture.

Along the shoreline, the light shines through the willows along the lake, and the natural transition between the land and the lake integrates the building with the surrounding natural environment, creating an artistic realm of harmonious coexistence with nature.

The Shichahai complex has the architectural style of an imperial garden, with turquoise glazed tiles, vermilium-red columns, and Suzhou-style patterns and carvings. In the design process, after a lot of research and color mixing experiments, the use of customized replicas of various colors of glazed tiles and painted wood components, accurately restore the special color of the ancient building facade. At the same time, the special lighting and color performance requirements of custom lamps are determined through quantitative analysis. In addition, the traditional elements of old Beijing are combined with the lamp shape, making the lamp a decorative art.

The lighting design team pays special attention to the protection of historical buildings, using a variety of non-destructive installation methods, color painting technology, safe low-voltage power supply and other means to achieve the protection of historical buildings. The use of standardized products makes maintenance easier and contributes to the overall sustainable renewal.

The design meets the needs of functional lighting, pays attention to the artistry of lighting, and creates a beautiful night scene atmosphere. At the same time, it takes people’s visual feelings and activity needs as the starting point to create a comfortable and safe night environment. The use of landscape lighting to improve the quality of night light in Shichahai area of Beijing, enrich the night life of tourists and citizens, and help the development of night economy.

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