Cree LED recently launched the new XLamp series, in which XLamp®S Line LEDs have the characteristics of increasing production, extending life and reducing energy consumption, which can help agricultural technology, while the new generation of XLamp®XHP HD & HI 3V LEDs can make portable lighting devices more flexible and efficient.

XLamp®S Line LEDs

As one of the important technologies in the development of modern agriculture, plant lighting needs to reasonably formulate the spectral proportion and adjust the light time according to the requirements of plant growth in order to obtain the effect of high efficiency and long life. At present

There are three main solutions in the market: monochrome LED solutions, wide-spectrum phosphor conversion LED solutions, and solutions that combine the above two technologies.
No matter which solution you choose, Cree LED has targeted new products to help upgrade. Cree LED solutions are designed to reduce agricultural costs, increase agricultural yields, unlock new areas of scientific agriculture, and promote agricultural lighting to a higher level.
XLamp®XP-G3 Photo Red S Line leds offer breakthroughs in both voltage reduction and luminous flux enhancement – ultimately achieving a 14% increase in performance and an electro-optic conversion efficiency of 84.8% at 350 mA/25°C. Lower energy consumption means reduced agricultural costs, optimized light density for plant growth, and substantial agricultural benefits for growers.


Cree LED products with high brightness, high quality and high light efficiency meet the market demand for portable lighting. The XLamp®LED series is suitable for general purpose flashlights, headlights, riding lights and decorative lights.
Cree LED XLamp®LED XHP White series with added 3V voltage and 5000K-7000K CCT options for optimal light efficiency.

In addition, as with other high-power products, the new generation of XHP35.2 leds can be configured in 3V or 6V voltage packages depending on the PCB pad layout. A lamp bead is configured with two drives, which will produce different irradiation effects, but they can be efficient and low cost.

XLamp®LED XHP white light series LED samples can now be applied through major agents, mass production can also meet the standard delivery time. These results are mainly due to the product innovation of the XHP series: upgraded HI version, increased maximum current rating, and improved center light intensity.

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