Driven by the wave of digitalization and information technology, many famous scenic spots in China are rapidly embracing technological innovation, making those ancient cultural heritage and magnificent natural scenery perfectly integrated with modern technology.

The digital exploration of scenic spots not only represents the trend of traditional tourism approaching modern science and technology, but also gives tourists a novel perspective and interactive way to feel and understand the deep meaning of culture and nature, promotes the modernization of management and service of tourist spots, and improves efficiency and quality.


Analysis of the current situation of intelligent literary travel

Smart cultural travel, which makes full use of cloud computing and mobile terminals, is a brand new travel mode, which is mainly realized by online perception and interaction, and mainly provides efficient information services for tourists. Relying on big data, cloud computing and other support, with mobile Internet devices as the carrier, the information integration of relevant facilities in scenic spots, such as transportation, accommodation, business, etc., to achieve the integration of tourism environment and living environment, in order to improve tourist experience.

In particular, the rise of the “cloud tourism” model has greatly enriched the way and content of tourism, and brought new growth points to the tourism industry while tourists feel the emerging forms of tourism. Because of its focus on consumer experience, it has been rapid development. “Cloud tourism” builds a virtual platform for tourist attractions and tourists, and adopts a combination of online and offline, so that tourists can better understand the situation of scenic spots through immersive experience on the one hand, and obtain visual enjoyment on the other hand.

Therefore, there are two main directions for the development of smart cultural tourism at this stage: one is to realize the wisdom of tourist attractions, so that the traffic, accommodation, commerce and scenery of tourist attractions can be intelligently linked; Second, through the form of “cloud tourism”, tourists can feel the beautiful scenery of scenic spots through the terminal. For example, you can feel the ancient temples and bronze statues of Dali people thousands of years ago through VR.


Smart text travel case

Sanxingdui line travel program above

CCTV News Channel’s special program Sanxingdui New Discovery launched its third season, combining studio reports with live links to follow up the excavation progress of Sanxingdui in a comprehensive way. The show incorporates virtual technology to bring national treasures such as bronze masks to the studio. The blessing of XR technology allows the narrator to walk through the historical corridor built by cultural relics and enter the ancient Shu temple thousands of years ago.
CCTV’s “Sanxingdui Excavation” special live broadcast adopts the form of immersive visit, and reporters form a “pit sister” group to walk and talk at the archaeological site, and explore the archaeological work of Sanxingdui from the first perspective.

The program also adopts the form of online and offline interaction, and reporters consult experts on the spot with netizens’ questions to answer the audience’s curiosity about Sanxingdui in real time. The fun and interactive sense of the program has won a lot of praise from the audience, and the total number of relevant videos has exceeded 20 million in central video.
Sichuan observation client also launched the “Sanxingdui – Bronze big standing portrait” slow live broadcast, the number of live broadcast reached 655,000, through XR technology + host live explanation of the “cloud tourism” form, quickly harvested a large number of fans, access to tens of millions of traffic.
Intellectual tour of heaven

With “digital industrialization, industrial digitalization and digital governance” as the main line, with the principle of “effective, practical and easy to use”, and in accordance with the top-level planning of “one center and three plates”, Zhiyou Tianfu Platform has carried out the construction of Sichuan Cultural and Tourism big data center, comprehensive management plate, publicity and promotion plate and public service plate.
After three years of construction, the data access of 814 A-level tourist attractions and platforms in the province has been completed, and 117,909 registered volunteers have been registered. At the same time, the platform also vertically connects cultural and tourism units at all levels and the basic and operating data of enterprises and institutions, forming an organic linkage between provinces, cities (states), counties (cities, districts) and enterprises.
Horizontal integration of public security, transportation, meteorological and other travel-related data, to achieve travel-related data interconnection. Since the platform was launched on September 25, 2020, the registered users have reached nearly 1 million, providing cultural travel services for more than 32 million people, and forming a “network” for the cultural tourism industry in the province.

The southern Bamboo Sea

In recent years, the “Two Seas” demonstration zone has continuously promoted the optimization of the digital and intelligent services of the Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea Tourism Resort, as well as the management service system such as online ticket purchase, mobile phone scanning code, rapid entry into the park, passenger flow analysis, forest fire monitoring and other areas, and the newly built smart tourism command center of the southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea Tourism Resort has become the “strongest brain” for managing and serving tourists.
“One mobile phone tour Bamboo Sea” allows tourists to conveniently purchase tickets and check in to the park through mobile phones, and the public account and mini program of the scenic spot also provide the latest and most complete information.

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