Compared with traditional lighting fixtures, high bay lights equipped with intelligent controllers have more advantages, which can meet the intelligent centralized control needs of factories and large-scale lighting, and can also reduce energy waste, helping become a “smart factory” in lighting equipment. In addition, many customers who are responsible for energy-saving renovation projects have consulted, and some of their corporate customers or owners have requested to install sensor equipment instead of the original switch. So in this article, we will introduce some common and popular intelligent sensors for high bay lights.


High Bay Light With Occupancy Sensor



Hishine K5 high bay light with Bluetooth microwave sensor

High Bay Light With Microwave Motion Sensor

Microwave sensors (microwave radars, and microwave induction switches) mainly use the Doppler effect of electromagnetic waves. If the barrier in the warehouse is stationary, the wavelength and frequency will not change, and if the barrier moves, the wavelength, and frequency will change. High bay light with microwave induction is to judge whether there is a moving object approaching or moving away by emitting microwaves within a certain range and then judging the change of the reflected wave.

The microwave sensor has three characteristics of good optical-like, strong penetrability, and long sensing distance. It can work around the clock with lighting and can pass through most objects.



Hishine K7 high bay light with PIR sensor


High Bay Light With PIR(Passive Infrared Sensor) Sensor

Industrial lights with PIR sensor mainly works by detecting the infrared rays emitted by the human body or other objects. The infrared sensor can collect infrared radiation from the outside world and gather it on the infrared sensing source through the Fresnel lens. The commonly used sensor is mainly to sense the human body, so it is customized according to the wavelength range of the specific radiation of the human body. The advantage of the infrared detector is that it does not emit any type of radiation itself, the power consumption of the device is small, the concealment is good, and it responds to the existence of the object, no matter whether the object moves or not, as long as it is within the scanning range of the sensor, it will respond.


High Bay Light With Dimmable Sensor



0-10V dimmer high bay light

Industrial Light With 0-10V Dimming

The working principle of dimming is to achieve the dimming function of LED lamps by controlling the output of current, voltage, and frequency. It controls the output current of the power supply by changing the voltage of 0-10V to achieve dimming. It is brightest when it is 10V, and it is off when it is 0V.

It is worth noting and the best thing to distinguish is that 1-10V does not have the function of a switch, and the lamp cannot be adjusted to the lowest level, while 0-10V has the function of a switch.


UFO high bay light with daylight sensor and photocell

Industrial Light With Daylight Sensor(Photocell)

It is including on/off photocell control and daylight harvesting control.

ON/OFF PHOTOCELL CONTROL: Photocell output (blue wire) will turn lights off if the ambient light level surpasses the threshold and back on if the level drops

DAYLIGHT HARVESTING CONTROL: The unit will gradually dim lighting in order to maximize energy savings while maintaining desired overall lighting level.



DALI/ZigBee/Bluetooth…Smart Control System


High Bay Light with ZigBee Control

High Bay Light With ZigBee Control

It not only covers lighting, but also supports a large number of application scenarios such as smart homes, smart buildings, and smart meters, and is very rigorously defined from the bottom link transmission to the upper layer application interaction. In non-consumer smart device networking occasions (indoor 10m~75m distance), give full play to its characteristics of multi-device networking and wireless low power consumption. However, because of its power and all-encompassing, many problems have been encountered in practice. Because the ZigBee protocol must rely on a gateway to connect to mobile phones or the cloud, it is not as convenient as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy BLE.


High Bay Light with Bluetooth Mesh

High Bay Light With Bluetooth Mesh

Bluetooth Mesh and Zigbee are two of the most popular PAN (Personal Area Network) technologies, both of which support Mesh networking (i.e. mesh topology). Zigbee is based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, while Bluetooth Mesh is a network technology based on BLE developed and released by SIG, both of which are short-distance wireless transmission networking technologies.

Although the term Mesh was coined by ZigBee, it became famous because of Bluetooth’s aggressive attack on the Internet of Things. However, the standards on the application layer are still far from mature, the target market is still mainly consumers, and there may be a slight penetration in commercial lighting.


High Bay Light with DALI Control

High Bay Light With DALI Control

Professional protocol standards in the lighting field are born for lighting control, and all use wired connections as the main connection method. There is no problem with wireless transmission interference and signal shadowing attenuation, and the professionalism of lighting control is emphasized. And through the gateway, you can access a larger intelligent control system. DALI has established a unified standard for physical transmission to control commands and equipment behavior and has a relatively long application history in commercial lighting and professional venue lighting. The main communication interface support of outdoor high-power waterproof power supply is also DALI, which makes DALI can be used as a standard control interface on the lamp side to connect different wireless communication modules (such as ZigBee, LoRa, and NB-IoT, etc.) so that it can be connected to wireless personal area network or wide area network.

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