How long is the lifespan of LED lights?

The theoretical lifespan of LED lights is usually between 20000 to 50000 hours, and some can even reach 100000 hours. This lifespan refers to the time that LED lights can maintain normal operation, but it does not mean that the brightness will not change, because over time, the brightness of LED lights will gradually decline. If calculated based on 8 hours of daily use, an LED light can theoretically last for approximately 6.8 to 17 years, depending on its nominal lifespan.

However, the actual service life is also affected by various factors, such as the quality of LED beads, the reliability of built-in LED drivers, and the overall manufacturing quality of the lighting fixtures. Any problem with any component may cause the LED tube to malfunction. In addition, in actual use, it may also be affected by factors such as voltage stability, environmental temperature, and dust accumulation, which may shorten the actual lifespan of LED lights.

Although some businesses claim that the theoretical lifespan of LED lights can reach 100000 hours, it is very rare for them to last for more than 34 years in normal household use. Normally, if it can be used for three to four years without major light decay or malfunctions, it is already considered quite good performance.

Overall, LED lights have a relatively long theoretical lifespan, but their actual service life is influenced by various factors. Therefore, when choosing LED lights, consideration should be given to product quality, brand reputation, and user evaluation to ensure the purchase of products with high cost-effectiveness. Meanwhile, reasonable use and maintenance can also help extend the service life of LED lights.

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