How to maintain solar street lights?

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Every solar street light has a limited service life. With the passage of time, the use of battery charging and discharging functions, and the interference of external natural factors, the life of solar street lights will be affected, so how to maintain and maintain solar street lights to make them How about a longer service life? We can analyze from the components of solar energy:


1. Solar battery maintenance

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The solar battery is a key part of the solar street light. During the day, the solar panel absorbs light and heat and converts it into electrical energy and stores it in the battery. At night, the battery discharges to turn on the light. Therefore, if you want to maintain solar street lights, you must first protect the battery to prevent overcharging and over-discharging of the battery. In summer, pay attention to the expansion and damage of the battery due to excessive temperature. , affecting power generation.

In addition, care must be taken to prevent rainwater from entering the buried battery. If the battery is eroded by rain for a long time, it may be damaged or even rotted. The service life is longer.


2. Maintenance of solar panels


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The maintenance of another component of the solar street light is the solar panel. The solar panel is directly heated and light-receiving. Usually, pay attention to the regular cleaning of the dust and fallen leaves on the surface of the solar panel. It is best to check and clean it once every 1-2 months. In areas where it often snows, pay attention to clearing the snow on the solar panel. Too thick snow cover will cause insufficient power generation of the solar panel and affect the lighting.

Summer is the season when trees grow luxuriantly. There may be tall trees and other shelters above some solar panels, and the sunlight time is short in winter. Therefore, in autumn and winter, it is necessary to remove tree branches or bamboo forest branches that block solar panels in advance to ensure normal conditions in winter. light up.


3. Maintenance of solar lamps and lanterns

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After the solar lamp holder has been used for a long time, there will be some dust on the lamp shell, some will be washed away by rain, and some dust inside needs to be cleaned. You can use a feather duster to gently sweep the dust, or wipe it with a semi-dry wet towel, and be careful not to rub it power cable. Some places next to tall trees or other shelters, especially in the countryside, pay attention to the entanglement of spider webs, and clean them up in time if they are found.


4. the maintenance of solar power wires

The lines connecting various components of solar street lights also need to be checked regularly to see if the lines are aging and damaged. If there is any aging phenomenon, they should be replaced in time to ensure that the solar street lights can run for a longer time.


5. Maintenance in other places

Other places, such as the place where the base is in contact with the light pole base, are prone to rust after a long time. If you find that the galvanized layer of the light pole is partially paint-off, you can use spray paint to make up for it. It is also necessary to regularly check whether the screws of the solar street light lamp head, the screws of the solar panel and the bracket, and each joint are loose and fall off, so as to avoid personal injury caused by falling.

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