As global demand for electricity continues to rise, governments are scrutinizing energy efficiency more closely and promoting more sustainable practices to reduce overall energy consumption. Among them, lighting accounts for about 20% to 30% of the overall energy consumption, in the face of the power shortage crisis, LED lighting has become one of the important angles to implement energy saving and carbon reduction.

According to TrendForce Consulting estimates, the LED lighting market will reach 78.36 billion US dollars in 2026. Paul Wiener, vice president of strategic marketing at GaN Systems, believes that LED drivers based on GaN power transistors can improve energy efficiency, so that leds consume less energy at the same brightness, significantly saving energy costs, and do not require large initial investment costs; The reduced size and weight will simplify the installation of LED lighting systems and make the application field more diverse.

In addition, lighting solutions based on GaN design can provide the same size and light distribution as existing products, maintain the same lighting atmosphere, and provide convenience when retrofitting existing lighting systems.
The product design advantages of former GaN power semiconductors have been recognized by the LED lighting industry, and Philips has adopted GaN solutions in the TrueForce Core LED Road series to achieve improved energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption by up to 60%, extend lamp life to 25,000 hours, while maintaining low initial investment costs. And shorten the period back to 14 months.

Another example is LUNGO’s 80W LED corn bulb, which is based on GaN power transistor design, allowing the size to be reduced to one-tenth of the traditional silicon-based design bulb, without affecting the overall reliability and life of the product.

In addition, LED bulbs based on GaN design are also accelerating in application fields such as road lighting, public lighting, warehouse, parking lot and store lighting, making a distinction in energy efficiency and brightness, achieving brighter but less energy-consuming lighting, while reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Therefore, LED bulbs based on GaN design will be the core of future lighting, accelerating the development of sustainable and energy-saving lighting technology.

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