The following aspects need to be paid attention to when installing lamps to ensure installation quality and safety:

1. Preparation before installation

Select the right luminaire: Select the right luminaire according to the use environment and needs, considering its power, color temperature, light efficiency and other factors.
Check the lamps and accessories: before installation, check whether the lamps and accessories are complete and without damage, especially the wires, joints, switches and other parts.
Determine the installation position: According to the use and lighting requirements of the lamp, determine the appropriate installation position to avoid installation in humid, high temperature, flammable and other dangerous environments.
Second, the installation process

Turn off the power: Before installing the lamp, ensure that the power is turned off to avoid the risk of electric shock.
Installation firmly: the installation of the lamp should be firm and reliable, the use of expansion bolts, nails and other fixed parts, should ensure that the fixed parts are firm and can withstand the weight of the lamp.
Pay attention to insulation and grounding: pay attention to the insulation of the wire during installation to ensure that the wire is not exposed; At the same time, it should be ensured that the grounding wire of the lamp is well connected to avoid the risk of leakage.
Control switch position: The position of the switch should be easy to operate, and it is generally installed at a position about 1.3 meters from the ground.
Pay attention to the direction of the lamp: For the lamps that need to adjust the direction (such as spotlights, downlights, etc.), it should be ensured that the direction is correct after installation to avoid light exposure to the area that does not need lighting.
Third, check after installation

Check whether the lamp is firm: After the installation is completed, the lamp should be checked whether it is firm and reliable, and there is no shaking phenomenon.
Check the circuit connection: check whether the circuit connection is firm, no exposed wires, to ensure safe use.
Test switch function: Test switch function is normal, to ensure that the lamp can be opened and closed normally.
Check the lighting effect: check whether the lighting effect of the lamp meets the needs, if there is a problem should be adjusted in time.
Iv. Other precautions

Avoid overload: the power of the lamp should be matched with the power line to avoid overload causing safety accidents.
Waterproof and moisture-proof: For the lamps installed in a humid environment, waterproof and moisture-proof measures should be taken to ensure the normal use of the lamps.
Regular maintenance: The lamp should be regularly maintained and inspected after installation, such as cleaning dust, checking wires, etc., to ensure the normal operation and service life of the lamp.
Compliance with safety specifications: During the installation process, relevant safety specifications and standards should be observed to ensure installation quality and safety.

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