Laser is a beam of light that can light up the world and bring infinite possibilities.

We understand light, apply light, make good use of light, and let light become a carrier of information. The constantly evolving technology system makes the laser display brighter, more real and more comfortable to watch, and also gives birth to a new art form – laser projection.

From laser TV to cinema, from home to commercial, from indoor to outdoor engineering landscape lighting, from mobile phone projection to vehicle display, laser projection industry has developed rapidly in recent years. As the pioneer of ALPD® laser technology, with its unique original technology and core patents, Lightpeak Technology has achieved fruitful innovative products in the field of laser core device supply.


The innovative application of optical peak laser projection in the outdoor landscape and cultural tourism industry will also bring the industry benchmark demonstration, how does it continue to innovate and create a number of classic light and shadow cases? Laser digital projection and how to play the advantages of high quality cultural content vivid interpretation? Let’s explore it at this conference!

From the stage effect of intertwined light and shadow to the spiritual cultural tour, urban renewal, commercial exhibition, the application of laser projection is everywhere in life, in the future, laser projection technology will also be deeply integrated with 5G, AIGC, Internet of things, dynamic Mapping, and other emerging technologies, opening more unprecedented application scenarios.

As an important carrier of light and shadow digitalization, laser projection is lighting up our world with its unique charm, so under the wave of digitalization, laser projection can also deduce what colorful stories? Stay tuned!

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Hishine Group Limited is a leading manufacturer in the industry of LED lights, specializing in the production of high-quality solar LED lights, including solar street lights, lawn lights, and floodlights.

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