Advantages Of Solar Street Lights

The development and application prospects of solar LED lighting fixtures in the market are very broad. Taking the development and application of solar LED lighting in China as an example, with the rapid development of the domestic economy and the substantial increase in power consumption, energy saving and consumption reduction have become an effective way to reduce lighting power consumption, and carry out more efficient, safe, reliable and durable lighting. The necessity of developing and applying new light sources is becoming more and more obvious. In this case, integrating the characteristics of LED lights and solar green energy, combining solar energy and LED to realize the development of solar LED lighting, to be widely used in various fields such as urban beautification and quantification, road lighting, indoor lighting, etc., has become its research and development. important direction.

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Hi-Small Led Solar Street Light

Solar lighting fixtures use energy conversion to store electrical energy for power supply and lighting. The system structure includes photovoltaic modules and lamps, component brackets, light sources, light poles, controllers, etc. Since solar energy is an environmentally friendly energy source, coupled with its The inexhaustible and inexhaustible characteristics make solar LED lights very popular in the field of new energy development and application. The solar lamp is designed and used as a street lamp in an urban road lighting system. It uses the photovoltaic effect of the solar cell to absorb the solar photon energy during the day and convert it into electrical energy, which is controlled by the controller and stored in the battery to prevent insufficient light or It is used for street lighting at night. Taking the development and application of solar LED lighting in urban beautification and quantification projects as an example, the more common solar landscape lights, solar building exterior wall lighting, solar billboard lighting, solar lawn lights, etc., all use solar cells as energy for lighting. Work, in the landscape lighting of urban parks and hotels, hotels and other places, even urban model street landscape lighting, urban building and residential lawn beautification lighting, large outdoor billboard evening lighting, park lawn beautification and other fields have been applied to achieve, In addition, some landscape lights in current urban buildings, building exterior lighting, billboard lighting, etc., all use LEDs as light sources and are powered by solar cells to achieve better urban beautification and quantify the advantages of lighting applications.

Secondly, the design and application of solar LED lighting in urban road lighting systems requires not only a simple process of building a street lamp circuit, but also a simple construction process. The cement base and lamp post are used as the main structure, which can be reinforced after installation. When put into use, it can effectively solve the problems of serious power consumption of traditional road lighting, high cost, and difficult maintenance and management. In my country, with the rapid development of solar technology, the production cost of solar lamps has been greatly reduced, and the application of Internet and intelligent control technology has been fully promoted and popularized at home and abroad. obvious advantage. Especially in some remote areas without electricity, the use of solar LED lighting in road lighting has broader prospects and advantages. For example, solar LED street lights and solar LED garden lights used in some non-arterial roads in western my country, etc., All of them have formed a certain scale. At the same time, the development and application of solar LED lighting in road lighting in relatively developed regions also carry out the design and implementation of characteristic demonstration roads and solar LED lighting systems from the per