Development And Advantages Of LED Plant Lights

With the maturity of LED technology, foreign countries have developed lighting fixtures that support plant growth, and the domestic market is slowly heating up. China, as one of the world’s largest plant growing countries, how will the development of domestic LED plant grow lights go? Where to go? Through interviews with a number of experts who have studied plant lights in depth, they conducted in-depth exchanges and explanations.

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Recently, I have received relevant information. It is said that the price of fresh vegetables cultivated with LED grow lights is several times more expensive than that of fresh vegetables grown in traditional sunlight. The investment in early stage lamps and lanterns is very large, and the investment cycle is long, which invisibly restricts plants. Lamps are widely used in the market. With the sound that the LED plant growth lamp market is difficult to further develop, it is necessary to in-depth market analysis, through understanding the current situation in the field of LED plant growth lamps, analyze its development prospects from various aspects, and try to provide enterprises with LED plant growth lamps. Future development trend.

From the perspective of traditional agricultural planting, soil pollution has become more and more serious, leading to the emergence and expansion of land salinization, and the issue of food safety has also been paid more and more attention by more and more people. Under the premise of problems , The use of LED plant growth lights will alleviate the current problems to a certain extent. For example, plant lights can be used for hydroponics or soilless cultivation to reduce the risk of some areas with soil damage or lack of land resources, and can also change the current planar planting mode, which is of great significance. Therefore, the research and development of plant lights is of certain significance and has great potential for development. Agricultural skills are a long-term task. It takes a certain period of time to carry out related technical breakthroughs and experiments. This is an inevitable process.

Advantages of LD plant lights:

1. No standard power socket connectors for drivers or cooling fans are required.

2. An environment with red and blue wavelengths is required for plant growth.

3. Compared with other ordinary lighting equipment, the LED plant lamp has a gentler light line, and will not scorch the seedling plants.

4. Compared with other plant lighting, it can save 10%~20% of the electricity bill.

5. Blue light can promote plants to grow taller, and red light can make plants bloom and bear fruit.