Future Prospects And Advantages Of LED Plant Lights

With the advancement of LED technology, there were already many LED factories that could recognize a wide range of plant products. As it is the fourth largest factory in the world, what are the prospects for the development of the Chinese LED lighting industry? Which direction will the factory illuminate?

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The latest 1000w LED plant light-5×5 feet full spectrum plant grow light

Given the current indoor and outdoor cultivation, soil contamination is deteriorating, erosion rates are increasing, and more people are paying attention to food safety issues. Enlightenment will solve some of the problems to some extent. Industrial LED lighting can ensure soil-free cultivation, which can reduce the risk of damage to soil or poor soil resources in some areas, as well as replace existing aircraft. Chemical farming methods can provide three-dimensional farmland that will completely reverse existing farming methods. Therefore, the power to develop LED lighting bulbs is slowly increasing, Agriculture itself is a long-term business, and relevant technical research also requires a certain amount of time.This is a necessary process .

Future Prospects And Advantages Of LED Plant Lights插图1
1000W LED Grow Light –

Advantages of LED lighting:

1. No power outlet connector required for drivers or cooling fans.

2. Climate length pink and blue are looga needed for plant growth.

3. Compared to other standard lighting fixtures, the factory LED light has a thinner and lighter line and does not burn trees.

4. Compared to other center lights, it can save 10% ~ 20% on electricity bill.

5. Blue light can stimulate plants to grow taller, and red light can cause plants to bloom and bear fruit.