Basketball stadium LED special lighting | court LED lighting price

Basketball is deeply loved by different people, the city’s sports venues, colleges and universities have built basketball venues, many people are in primary school, junior high school began to contact basketball, and fell in love with this sport. With the continuous development of basketball, the corresponding lighting facilities are also very important. It plays a very important role in daily training, competitions and television broadcasts. Basketball is a fast and concentrated game. If there is glare and uneven brightness, it will affect the experience of sports personnel, and if it is a professional event, it will directly lead to the result of the game.


The lighting design of the basketball court needs to consider many factors, such as illumination, color temperature, glare, etc. In order to ensure the professionalism of basketball lighting, the following factors must be considered when choosing basketball lighting:

  1. The lighting design of the stadium requires that the lighting color should be sunny, just like the sunlight from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., the color of light is pure white and bright, and the lighting effect is the same as during the day.


2, basketball lighting should have a high color performance and pure color: basketball lighting design requirements, stadium lighting color index is high, color index R value above 85, high color performance, close to the sun color ability. The basketball lights are pure colors, not red or blue. It can realistically show the true colors of the basketball space, the basketball and the basketball surface.


  1. Basketball court lighting should be no glare: the design requires the lighting of the basketball court, no dazzling, no dazzling, no dazzling effect, in basketball, it can show a good lighting effect. In any position, you can clearly and truly see the trajectory of the basketball.


  1. Basketball lighting should be free from the harm of stroboscopic effect: lighting design requires basketball court lighting, smooth and stable luminous flux, small stroboscopic energy, and no damage to the stroboscopic effect. Make sure the trajectory of the basketball is clear.


When installing lamps, glare should be avoided as much as possible, so attention should be paid to the effective control of glare in the installation height, lamp position layout, background wall, etc.


Basketball lighting must choose a good energy-saving lamp, such as LED professional lighting, so that the direct operating cost of basketball lighting will be reduced a lot. The stadium lighting uses high light efficiency lighting, which not only greatly improves the lighting quality, but also has a long service life and a higher luminous effect.