Intelligent lighting system used in sports venues

1. Intelligent control Intelligent lighting system using advanced electronic technology and network technology, not only can achieve single point, multi-point and regional lighting, and can design different lighting effects according to the different types of competition in the stadium in advance, and then these prepared control mode stored in the control panel, in the stadium application process, According to the needs of different events, the button can be quickly switched, which is the advantage of intelligence in control. It is of great significance.

Intelligent lighting refers to the use of computer, wireless communication data transmission, spread spectrum power carrier communication technology, computer intelligent information processing and energy-saving electrical control and other technologies composed of distributed wireless telemetry, remote control, remote communication control system to achieve intelligent control of lighting equipment. It has the functions of light brightness adjustment, light soft start, timing control, scene setting, etc. And achieve the predetermined characteristics.

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First, the structure and composition of the lighting system


Intelligent lighting control system according to the topology of the network, there are roughly two types, bus type and mixed type based on the star structure. They have their own characteristics, the former is more flexible, easy to expand, relatively independent control, low cost. The latter has high reliability, simple fault diagnosis and elimination, simple access protocol and high transmission speed. The general intelligent lighting control system is a digital lighting management system, which is composed of three parts: system unit, input unit and output unit. The various forms of units are summarized below: The system generally adopts centralized control and management and decentralized execution, that is, the configuration of a central monitoring center and intelligent control lighting cabinet, the former has a control computer, the main communication controller and other equipment for the control and management of the entire system, and the control command is communicated with the programmable controller of the intelligent control cabinet through the network, while acting as a burden. Always find a variety of excuses to sign, I will be responsible for my daughter in the future, receive from the programmable controller in the intelligent control cabinet about the automatic and manual working status, lamp on/off status, and take measures in abnormal circumstances.

Second, the necessity of intelligent lighting in sports venues


Because the stadium area is large, many functional areas, so the type of lighting needs are not the same, lighting needs to meet a variety of different types of needs to ensure the normal operation of the stadium. Because of the functional needs and the characteristics of the stadium itself, the operation of the lighting system will produce a large power, more loops, and more dispersed in the layout, in order to meet the different needs of the stadium, the lighting system also has a variety of functions. Due to the limitation of the wiring method, the traditional lighting system requires a large number of cables and a large bridge in the layout of the site, which is not only difficult to operate, but also occupies the site and consumes high cost, and is relatively single in function. In order to meet the needs of modern stadiums, intelligent lighting system has a very big advantage, in the layout of the line is relatively simple, the control of the lighting system can be completed by the control panel of the control room, simple operation, and can realize the control of multiple functional areas. The intelligent lighting system can be personalized according to the different needs of each functional area, and through different modes of operation, it can show different lighting effects, which is the demand of modern stadiums. Therefore, the application of intelligent lighting system in sports stadiums has certain practical significance, and it is also an inevitable trend of the development of electrical automation technology.

Third, intelligent lighting system control mode

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1, scene control: in the public area through the scene control panel in accordance with the pre-set scene to control the light area, you can define on, off, can also be defined as delay, such as automatic delay after turning on the light.


2, timing control: In some public areas can be controlled by time, according to the normal working time to arrange the switch time of the light, so that the light can be regularly on and off.


3, infrared mobile control: through the infrared mobile sensor to automatically control the lighting of public areas (such as: corridors, lounges and stairwells, etc.), according to the actual needs of the central monitoring computer can change its working state.


4, field panel control: each light area can not only automatically (timing or computer) control, but also provide on-site control, so that when special circumstances occur, the automatic (timing or computer) state to manually control the switch state of the light.


5, centralized switch control: Through the monitoring software with graphical display used on the customized central monitoring computer for the stadium, to provide the end user with a simple and clear interface, easy to operate, friendly graphical interface, so that non-professionals can also use normally, control the opening and closing of each light or each group of lights.


Fourth, the advantages of intelligent lighting system in the stadium application

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  1. Realize intelligence


Intelligent lighting system uses advanced electronic technology and network technology, not only can achieve single point, multi-point and regional lighting, and can design different lighting effects according to the different types of competition in the stadium in advance, and then store these prepared control mode in the control panel, in the process of application in the stadium, according to the needs of different events. By pressing the button can be quickly switched, which is the advantage of intelligent control.


2, in line with the green lighting plan


The intelligent lighting system can be based on the needs of the event, and the use of lighting methods, such as the illumination value of the light and lighting methods can be selectively adjusted, on the basis of ensuring normal lighting needs, as far as possible from the perspective of energy conservation, each lighting method can be prepared in advance and then stored in the control panel. This can maximize energy conservation and achieve green lighting.


3, easy to manage, reduce maintenance costs


Intelligent lighting control system changes the traditional lighting artificial simple switch management mode, it uses advanced electronic and electrical technology, so that the entire integrated stadium lighting status display on the monitoring interface for browsing, and real-time monitoring; Thus, the management of the entire stadium rises to a new management model, while reducing the overhaul process and time of the entire system, reducing maintenance costs, and bringing great return on investment.