China’s first highway 5G multi-functional demonstration pole landed in Shenzhen!

Recently, with the completion of the 5G multi-functional demonstration pole of the Guangshen Riverside Expressway in Shenzhen section (pile number K72+455), the Guangshen Riverside expressway multi-functional smart pole (5G) construction project supervised by Gongcheng Consulting has built the country’s first 5G multi-functional demonstration pole of the expressway in accordance with the requirements of the national 5G smart high-speed demonstration project.
The project is under the guidance of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the Bureau of Transportation, Shenzhen Special Zone Construction and Development Group, Shenzhen Expressway Co., Ltd. and other joint planning, collaborative construction of large-scale multi-functional smart pole project. The Guangzhou-Shenzhen demonstration section along the river is 30.5 kilometers long, and 99% of the road surface is a bridge. It is proposed to use a new multi-functional pole to mount 5G AAU to achieve 5G full line coverage, and a total of 93 multi-functional demonstration poles are planned to be built.

Each pole body is equipped with intelligent lighting, video surveillance, 5G base station, WIFI, emergency broadcasting and other intelligent communication and sensing equipment, multi-pole integration, integration of big data, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies for real-time monitoring and recording of traffic conditions, safety hazards, weather disasters, etc., to build a smart highway.
In order to protect the original bridge structure, the workload of chiselling should be reduced as much as possible during the construction process. The load bearing and wind resistance of intelligent light poles are more demanding than before. Gongcheng Consulting actively gives full play to the advantages of cutting-edge information network technology and comprehensive supervision strength, and adopts the side reinforcement plan with other participating units. It not only achieves the effect of strong rod body and strong bearing capacity, but also saves resources and protects the high-speed road and bridge to the maximum extent.

The completion of the country’s first highway 5G multi-functional demonstration pole not only creates a model project of Shenzhen pilot demonstration zone, but also provides a new demonstration and reference for the construction of 5G multi-functional smart poles and smart expressways across the country.

The 5G multi-functional demonstration pole will also achieve comprehensive, real-time and accurate perception and platform management of the highway, making the control more comprehensive and efficient, travel more convenient and safer, and promote the efficiency of urban management and the quality of economic and social development to a new level.