Classification and scope of application of high pole light

Pole light classification:

Generally can be divided into lifting type and non-lifting type. The height of the lifting main rod is generally more than 18 meters, the electric lifting operation is convenient, and the lamp frame can be automatically peeled off the plate, hanging ditch, unloading wire rope, and removal after it rises to the working position.

The lifting height light is set up with two different lifting control methods, manual and electric, so that the lamp board can safely and reliably drop from the ground to 2.5 meters, which is easy to maintain. The length of the manual remote control wire is generally 10 meters, and the operator adjusts the height of the lamp at 5 meters to ensure the personal safety of the operator. The lifting high-ceiling light is also equipped with a spare cable, which can be plugged into the socket of the electrical control system if the lamp falls to the lowest position, and the other end is plugged into the junction box of the lamp to directly power the lamp and check the lighting.

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The sealing grade of all lamps is IP65 international standard, which prevents dust and rain from flooding and ensures the service life of the lamp. The materials of lamps are generally corrosive aluminum alloy plates and steel without embroidery.

Scope of application of high pole light:
It is mainly used in city squares, stations, docks, freight yards, roads, stadiums and overpasses.