How to choose high pole lights in airport apron area?

Lighting in public areas is important to improve safety and people’s quality of life. High-pole lamps are high-power lamps with a height of more than 15 meters. As one of the more common tarmac lighting methods, the traditional tarmac high-pole lamps on the market are mostly super power high-pressure sodium lamps, and the structure is also the same, and there are disadvantages such as high energy consumption, low color temperature, delayed start, high operating costs, and potential environmental pollution in use.

In response to the construction of modern smart airport, LED light source high-pole lights with instantaneous response, moderate color temperature, long life, energy saving and environmental protection, and good dimming performance, energy saving and environmental protection have become the best choice for modern apron lighting solutions. The high-power high-pole floodlights customized by the company for public areas such as airports, squares and sports venues are a highlight of public lighting. It can replace the super power high-pressure sodium lamp used in the traditional high-pole lamp, and provide new lighting solutions in a more energy saving, more efficient and more intelligent way.

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led high mast solar light

01 Innovative structure design: safe and reliable

Excellent mechanical properties: the main body adopts high-strength aluminum profile frame, and is equipped with fall prevention device, reducing structural load, safe and reliable. And has the material light, surface corrosion resistance, wind and shock resistance, installation bracket Angle is convenient and adjustable;

Unique ceramic heat dissipation technology and permeable convection heat dissipation structure, compared with the traditional aluminum substrate heat dissipation structure lamps commonly on the market, heat dissipation speed is faster, heat dissipation performance is stronger, wind resistance is small, improve the service life and reliability of the product at the same time, significantly improve the luminous efficiency of the high pole lamp;
02 Precise light distribution: wide Angle light, soft and comfortable

Customized light distribution design with a variety of lenses greatly improves key lighting indicators such as road brightness and uniformity. The light source is concentrated, the light distribution is scientific and comfortable, and the irradiation effect is uniform, which can create daytime visibility conditions for the tarmac even at night.

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LED light High Mast Light

With the upgrading of China’s airport construction and investment, the “smart airport” has also ushered in the peak of information upgrading.

Not only excellent product performance, through the intelligent lighting control system to intelligent management of high-pole lights, not only improve work efficiency, but also help the ramp high-pole lights to further achieve energy saving and emission reduction, convenient maintenance. For those interested in LED high pole lighting solutions, please consult Hishine Lighting.