High pole light does not light up with water, how should to fix it

After the high pole lamp is flooded, in order to prevent the lamp from flooding again, the following measures can be taken:

Inlet line hole waterproof:
The inlet and outlet line of the high-pole lamp is a place where water is easy to enter, so the screws and nuts in this part must be tightened in place to ensure that the inlet and outlet line is not easily pulled out.
The inlet and outlet lines can be fixed by means of tape and glue to increase the waterproof effect.
If the lamp needs to be buried in the ground or used in water, the inlet line needs to be sealed to prevent water from seeping into the line hole.

Glass glue waterproof:
For lamps with glass rubber rings, a small amount of uniform waterproof glue should be made in the fixed slot of the rubber ring or near the side ring of the lamp body, near the point inside the lamp body to increase the squeeze sealing when the rubber ring is locked.
For lamps without glass rubber ring, waterproof glue is applied directly on the diagonal edge of the glass rubber ring groove to ensure sealing.

Cover rubber ring to screw waterproof:
For the case that the lamp body has no rubber groove, first fix the thick side of the rubber ring without a screw hole toward the inside.
If the lamp body has a rubber groove, apply an even amount of glue in a circle of the rubber groove first, and fix the rubber ring.
For the lamp body whose structural waterproof is not in place, it is also necessary to evenly apply some glue on the surface of the rubber ring and the side side of the lamp body to enhance the waterproof effect.

Increase the protection level:
The protection level of outdoor lighting fixtures should be at least IP33, that is, it should at least be able to prevent water and prevent the entry of solid foreign bodies with a diameter greater than 2.5mm. According to the specific use environment and needs of the lamp, you can consider choosing a higher protection level of the lamp.

Inspection and maintenance:
Regularly check whether the waterproof measures of the high-pole lamp are intact, such as whether the screws are loose, whether the waterproof glue is aging, and timely maintenance and replacement.
In the rainy season or humid environment, increase the frequency of inspection to ensure the waterproof performance of the lamp.

Waterproof design:
In the design of high pole lights, you can consider the use of waterproof design, such as the use of waterproof materials and structures, to ensure that the lamp can also maintain good waterproof performance in harsh environments.
Through the comprehensive application of the above measures, the water intake of the high-pole lamp can be effectively prevented and the normal use and life of the lamp can be ensured.