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Plant lamp is a kind of lighting equipment specially designed for plant growth, it can provide the spectrum and light intensity required by the plant, help the plant photosynthesis, and promote the growth and development of the plant. Plant lights can provide enough light for plants in an indoor environment, so that they can grow healthily even without sunlight.

The spectrum and light intensity of the plant lamp are designed according to the growth needs of the plant. Different plants require different spectra and light intensity, so the design of plant lights also needs to be adjusted according to different plants. Generally speaking, the spectrum of plant lamps includes red, blue, yellow, etc. These spectra can provide different wavelengths of light required by plants to promote the growth and development of plants.

Hishine PG03 Full Spectrum RJ14 Indoor Led Plant Grow Light Bar Full Spectrum Dimmable Commercial LED Grow Light

The light intensity of plant lamps is also very important. The stronger the light intensity, the faster the plant will grow. Therefore, the light intensity of the plant lamp needs to be adjusted according to the growth stage of the plant. In the early growth of the plant, the light intensity can be appropriately reduced to avoid over-stimulation of the plant. In the later stage of plant growth, the light intensity can be appropriately increased to promote the growth and development of plants.

eatures This ultra-high output grow light uses NEW SMD LEDs to produce full-spectrum white light, which is very suitable for the growth of flowering plants. Its light output of 2240 µmol/s meets or exceeds the traditional 1500W DE HPS plant growth lamp. Its compact size can be used in vertical growth configurations. PG03 is passively cooled through its trapezoidal design. It has a built-in dimming control knob and has a remote dimming function. 5-year warranty. NEW SMD LEDs Increase Your Yield We have integrated the industry-leading New SMD LEDS diodes in our

PG03 series grow lights. From seedling to flower, this light will perform and can increase your yield by up to 50% compared to standard blurple style lighting In all grow stages: Full-spectrum – mimics natural sunlight (emits from 400nm to 700nm). During active photosynthesis: Blue light increases chlorophyll resulting in strong, healthy stems and leaves; Red light is essential for seed germinations and root growth. Later it promotes flowering and the production of fruit. Support A Variety Of Intelligent Controls HISHINE PG03 LED lamps can be fully controlled by HISHINE digital panel or any other control system using 0-10V output signal. Even if your universal controller has an RJ port interface, you can still operate our LED by using a signal converter RJ to 0-10V control adapter.