How high of the high pole lamp should be?

How high of the high pole lamp should be?


The height of the lamp plate of the high pole lamp basically has a certain size standard, then we will understand the height of the lamp plate of this equipment.

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20 meters high

The height of the lamp plate is basically composed of a number of different steel structure of the lamp frame, all metal frame or outdoor exposed parts and the surface of the lamp plate are anodized, this lamp also has anti-corrosion measures, the uniformity of high pressure sodium translucent lamp, and even the top of the entire lamp board has a separate lightning rod. The light panel itself is single-sided and can illuminate the parking lot square.


15 meters high

The height of the high-pole lamp is basically 15 meters, the lamp tray uses a variety of steel structure light frame, all the contact frame part or outdoor exposed lamp tray have anodic oxidation film, the high-pole whole lamp has the characteristics of high-pressure sodium lamp, can be used in a variety of arrangements, and the bottom of the entire lamp tray is also safely equipped with an independent lightning rod, the shape is single-sided, can be like a toll station light.


Whether the total height of the high pole light is 15 meters or 20 meters, only floodlights can be selected in the actual irradiation process, it is recommended to choose. The power of the lamp is 100 watts, and the light source is also an LED lamp. In the irradiation process, this kind of high-pole lamp irradiation can basically meet the existing irradiation needs, and can be processed by power chip packaging technology.