How long is the life of solar street lights?


The life of solar street lights is a relative concept, depending on a variety of factors, including product quality, the use of the environment, the life of the components, etc. The following is a detailed analysis of the life of solar street lights:

Overall life:
In general, the service life of solar street lights is between 5 and 15 years. This range is based on an average of a number of factors, and actual lifespan may vary depending on the circumstances.

Life of main components:
Solar panels: The service life is usually more than 20 years. Although there will be a certain light attenuation after 20 years (about 30% or more), they can still continue to be used.

LED light source: The service life can reach more than 11 years (calculated according to 12 hours of work per night). LED light source has a long life and high durability.

Battery: The lead-acid colloidal battery used in the past has a life of about 3 years. Most solar street lights now use lithium batteries, whose life can exceed 5 years (the discharge depth is calculated according to 30%). The high and low temperature resistance of lithium battery is better than that of lead acid colloidal battery, and the number of cycles is more.

Controller: Depending on the electronic components and the use environment, its service life is generally 8 to 10 years.

Street lamp pole: If the use of Q235 steel and hot dip galvanized and rust prevention treatment, its service life can reach more than 25 years.

Maintenance and replacement:
In order to ensure the normal operation of solar street lights and extend their service life, regular maintenance and inspection are required. This includes timely replacement of damaged panels, upgrading aging controllers, checking wire connections, and more.
Even if some components reach their expected life, only those parts need to be replaced, and solar street lights can still continue to serve for many years. For example, after the battery is replaced by lithium batteries, the life of solar street lights can be greatly improved, and the life of reliable solar street lights can reach about 10 years.

Anyway, the life of solar street lights is the result of a comprehensive assessment, depending on the life of the individual components and the overall maintenance. In actual use, if the solar street lamp is properly maintained, its life can exceed the expected value. Therefore, for the life assessment of solar street lights, multiple factors need to be considered comprehensively, and regular maintenance and inspection are carried out.